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Jaymar Cabebe

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Technology february 3, 2014

Photography App Prints And Mails Phone Snaps For Free [Video]

The Flag app ships ad-supported photo prints to your door.

Work january 28, 2014

Ad Agency Offers Custom Toolkit To Spark Kickstarter Campaigns

The Fallon Starter Kit packages strategy with creative for the aspiring crowdfunder.

IoT january 24, 2014

A Marshmallow Launcher Is The Future Of Face-Tracking Toys [Video]

This high-tech Confectionery Cannon uses a webcam to fire marshmallows at willing participants.

Luxury january 22, 2014

Slow-Motion Shots Capture The Hidden Beauty Of Subway Travel [Video]

Photographer Adam Magyar’s Stainless project is a mesmerizing depiction of the underground urban bustle.

Work january 21, 2014

iPad App Makes It Easy To Create Visual Longform Stories

Storehouse tablet app combines words, pictures, and videos into slick, shareable narratives.

Cities january 15, 2014

Street Artists Transform Abandoned Building Into Impromptu Gallery For One Night [Pics]

A band of street artists raided a vacant East Village building to put on a one-night art show.

Innovation january 15, 2014

Music-Playing Wristband Cements Long-Term Memories

San Francisco-based Sheepdog Sciences has created a device that helps you learn while sleeping.

Home january 9, 2014

Walgreens Uses Crowdsourced Delivery Service To Get Cold Medicine To Sufferers

A new partnership with TaskRabbit facilitates the home delivery of over-the-counter remedies.

IoT january 9, 2014

Intel Launches SD Card-Sized Computer [CES 2014]

A tiny computer called Edison opens doors to new categories of computing.

Mobile january 8, 2014

Connected Crock-Pot Introduces The Kitchen Of The Future [CES 2014]

WeMo technology lets you remotely control your slow cooker from a mobile phone.

Arts & Culture january 8, 2014

Circuit Boards Turn Any Object Into An Electronic Instrument [Video]

Ototo lets you build musical instruments with minimal knowledge.

Retail november 25, 2013

eBay Brings Its Shoppable Windows To American Malls [Pics]

Westfield partners with online auction site to bring digital storefronts to San Francisco.

Technology november 25, 2013

Will This Android-Powered Smartwatch Replace A Smartphone?

Developed by 19-year-old Simon Tian, the Neptune Pine brings the powers of a typical mobile device to your wrist.

Work november 19, 2013

Pop-Up Book Brings Personal Photos To Life [Pics]

Award-winning artist Colette Fu uses a unique medium to document life in China’s Yunnan Province.


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