Jeremy D. Williams

Jeremy D. Williams

Jeremy D. Williams is a regular contributor to PSFK. He is a 'dj' of innovation; curating insight, visualizing data and designing solutions that connect with people.

Technology september 10, 2012

Swarovski Exhibit Uses Crystals To Explore The Future Of Memories

Fifteen designers collaborate on a new exhibition at The Design Museum of London that questions our relationship with the digital world.

Technology september 7, 2012

Play 3D Printed 'Vinyls' On Fisher-Price's Toy Record Player

Instructables instructs users how to create their own custom (of the non-children variety) songs to play on the classic toy.

Home september 7, 2012

YouTube Pre-Roll Ad Invites Viewers To Change A Bad Habit

Instead of skipping an ad, people could decide to 'skip a behavior' and learn about how to make their homes more eco-friendly.

Mobile september 6, 2012

App Integrates Your Twitter Feed Into A 'Social' Radio Station

The Social Radio combines your social network updates with the music you love.

Arts & Culture september 6, 2012

Linkin Park Uses Facebook Data To Create Personalized Music Videos

The makers of 'Take This Lollipop' create a custom viewing experience for the band's new song, 'Lost In The Echo.'

Work september 6, 2012

Startup Hopes to Power the Next-Generation of Educational Apps

Clever deploys educational APIs for developers to create useful software for the education industry.

Sustainability september 5, 2012

Walmart Breaks Ground on Largest Green Roof in Portland

The retail giant is building a 40,600-square-foot EcoRoof in Oregon.

Mobile september 4, 2012

Microsoft's Bing Fund Seeks Problem-Solving Startups Who Dream Big

The new incubator program from the tech company looks for startups solving experiences online with fresh insights.

Gaming & Play september 4, 2012

Play An Immersive, 360˚ Version Of Ms. Pac-Man

Japanese game designer Keita Takahashi takes the classic game from a small arcade game to a 3D experience.

Work august 31, 2012

Twitter Co-Founders Create Fake Meat With Real Protein

Start-up 'Beyond Meat' wants to replace animal protein with plant protein to create nutritional value at a lower cost.

Advertising august 30, 2012

Google Can Now Automatically Tag Objects Within Videos

A new patent will mean that everything within YouTube videos can be instantly 'labeled.'

Home july 31, 2012

3D Printed MP3 Player Reinvents The ‘Mixtape’

A retro looking casette tape is an actual portable music player that connects to a user's computer via the USB port.

Technology july 30, 2012

Send Postcards That Smell Like Favorite Foods

Concept machine, ‘food printer’ proposes printing cards that are scented with local food by using an aroma sensor to mix aroma inks stored on the machine.

Technology july 26, 2012

AR Laser Tag Lets Users Play Against Real & Virtual Enemies

The Hasbro Lazer Tag uses an iOS device to add a layer to the classic game where players can compete against real opponents and augmented reality opponents on the screen.


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