Jim Moscater

Jim Moscater

Technology august 5, 2010

10K Apart Challenge: An App Building Contest For HTML5

MIX Online and An Event Apart have created a challenge for web designers and developers to create programs that are no larger than 10 kilobytes

Cities july 27, 2010

Mapping Social Networks In A 3-D Environment

Invisible Cities is an application that visualizes real-time and aggregate Twitter and Flickr data across an digital cityscape.

Arts & Culture march 22, 2010

Anthroposts: A Digital Archive Of Found Post-It Notes

Anthroposts is a digital collection of over 300 found Post-It notes arranged on an interactive display which can be arranged according to color, common words, or density of information.

Mobile march 11, 2010

SuperGlued: The Live Music App For SXSW And Beyond

SuperGlued is an online community/mobile app for live music enthusiasts that informs you of what concerts are happening in your area.

Technology march 11, 2010

Create Your Own QR Code

Although we've heard plenty about QR codes for a number of years at PSFK, here's an extremely simple way to create your own- using the Kaywa QR Code Generator.

Mobile march 5, 2010

Skinput: Touch-Sensitive Skin

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Microsoft have joined forces to create Skinput, a bio-acoustic sensing device that allows your skin to be used as a touch-screen interface.

Work march 2, 2010

Vrachtfiets: Cargo Bikes For Urban Mobility

Netherlands start-up Vrachtfiets (Dutch for "Mobile Bicycle") provides a pedal-based solution to the often arduous task of moving your home or office within a large urban area.

Technology march 2, 2010

Fotobabble: Add Audio To Digital Photos

Fotobabble is a free app for Mac, PC and iPhone that allows users to add audio content to photos.

Design & Architecture february 25, 2010

SYNC/LOST: An Interactive Visual History Of Electronic Music

3bits has created SYNC/LOST, a multi-user installation that provides a comprehensive history of electronic music.

Technology february 24, 2010

Aha Radio: A Driver-Friendly Mobile App

Aha Radio is a free mobile application that transfers a broad range of web-based information into a customizable radio experience.

Technology january 13, 2010

SpeakerText: Find, Read And Share Web Video Transcripts

SpeakerText is an interesting new start-up that allows users to find, read, and share specific parts of a web-based video by clicking on the transcription of the corresponding text.

Design & Architecture january 13, 2010

(Pic) Timeline Of Events And Trends From 1750 to 2100

Futurist Peter Von Stackelberg has created a timeline that details social, technological, economic and political events and trends from 1750 to 2100.

Technology january 12, 2010

tldr: Making Online Discussions Manageable

tldr is an application for navigating through large-scale online discussions. The application visualizes structures and patterns within ongoing conversations to let the user browse to content of most interest.

Travel october 28, 2009

Everland: The Portable Hotel

The Hotel Everland is a portable, bright green, rectangular one-room hotel that has been stationed in various locations in Switzerland, Germany, and France.


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