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Technology february 17, 2011

Next Generation Eyeglasses Have Lenses That Auto-Focus for You

The eyeglasses industry is about to see its first "transformational innovation" in decades due to Dr. Ronald Blum and his company, PixelOptics.

Arts & Culture february 16, 2011

Infographics Displayed As Physical Objects

Fascinating project uses real world items to display information from a recent public opinion poll.

Technology february 16, 2011

Web TV Series Teaches Computers What It's Like To Be Human

m ss ng p eces and Sundance Channel have released an original series, named RESET, which is designed primarily for computers, not humans, to watch.

Technology february 14, 2011

World's First Heads-Up Display eBook Reader

The new application allows users to safely walk and read at the same time.

Mobile february 11, 2011

Chinese Cities To Re-invent Public Telephone Booths As Wi-Fi Hotspots

Chinese plan returns public landlines to prominence by making them into Wi-Fi hotspots.

Innovation february 3, 2011

Using Crowdsourcing To Find Errors On Credit Card Statements

BillGuard uses "collective vigilance" to identify and alert its users of hidden fees, double charges, fraud and scams.

Technology january 31, 2011

NYC's Massive New Campus For Design, Technology, and Entrepeneurship

General Assembly is co-working loft space that promises start-ups, entrepreneurs, and curious minds an opportunity to congregate, collaborate, and create.

Cities january 27, 2011

Localeaks: Submit Anonymous Local Tips to 1,400+ U.S. Newspapers

Matt Terenzio, an entrepreneurial journalism student at CUNY, has developed a service which lets citizens "leak" anonymous tips to the local media.

Innovation january 27, 2011

Picture This: An Open-Source Alternative To Google Street View

An ambitious new project aims to map areas that Google Street View has not -- most places outside the US and Europe

IoT january 26, 2011

Double-Sided USB Plugs In Both Ways

Clever concept design which works no matter which side is facing up.

Work january 25, 2011

New Gym Plan Requires Members To Pay More If They Don't Work Out

A new concept gym uses behavioral economics to change how and when members pay to workout.

Cities january 20, 2011

How San Francisco Used City Data to Save $1 Million on Street Cleaning

Code for America, who connects city governments and web developers, releases some data on what it's learning as it leverages technology to achieve more impact with less money.

Cities january 18, 2011

How You Can Use Your iPhone To Predict When Your Next Subway Train Arrives

Tired of not knowing when the next subway train will arrive? A new app named Subway Arrival -- which was developed by native New Yorker and Columbia engineering student Alex Bell -- aims to solve that problem.

january 14, 2011

Making the World a Better Place with Every Credit Card Swipe

SwipeGood is a credit card service that rounds your purchases up to the nearest dollar and donates the difference to a charity of your choice.


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