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Innovation january 14, 2011

E-Ink To Make Tank Armor ‘Invisible’

Scientists from BAE Systems, a British defense firm, are working on a new tank shell that uses electronic ink and a series of sensors to project the surrounding environment onto the shell of the tank.

Technology june 4, 2010

Want Heated Seats in Your Future Car? Download Them.

Audi, like BMW, is betting that the future of cars is in apps.

Work june 3, 2010

Spotisquare: Experiencing Foursquare Venues Through Music

This mobile mash-up adds online music to offline places, helping people to express how they experience locations through music.

Luxury may 28, 2010

255 Studio: Nike's Bespoke Baseball Collection

This one-of-its-kind NYC boutique sells unique garments that celebrate baseball's cultural and iconic global influence.

may 26, 2010

Wake Up World: A Social Alarm Clock

New iPhone app developed in Japan replaces your morning alarm with a video from your friends, your loved ones, or even strangers (chatroulette-style).

Gaming & Play may 25, 2010

Bowery Stadium: Nike's NYC World Cup Pop-Up Space

New communal creative space serves as a venue for watching World Cup games, hosting creative salons, and club-housing local sports programs.

Technology may 24, 2010

(Video) Digital Graffiti Wall

Vancouver-based Tangible Interaction has created an interactive game that lets people "spray" or "stencil" onto a projected display surface using an infrared can.

Work may 20, 2010

MIT's 3D Gestural Computing For Everyone

The Handtracking project makes inexpensive human-interface computing a reality.

Retail may 19, 2010

TOMS Shoes + Charity: Water Double Your Philanthropy

A remarkable collaboration helps fuel two charity projects.

Cities may 17, 2010

Dutch Authorities Use Interactive Billboards To Fight Street Violence

A Psychological experiment uses augmented reality and interactive billboards to affect public behavior.

Arts & Culture may 14, 2010

(Video) Dorm Windows Converted Into Massive Light Show

Students at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland used their building to create an animated spectacle.

Mobile may 13, 2010

(Interview) PSFK Explores The Future Of QR Codes With JMango

What's the future of the enigmatic QR code? Alan Bendetto of JMango, a partner of DENSO, the inventors of the QR Code, explains.

Technology december 17, 2009

Grandma Twitters Using Pen, Paper, & Fax Machine

Celery is a new service that lets people without computers -- grandparents for example -- hand write and fax messages that are then automatically sent to web services such as eMail, Facebook and Twitter.

Innovation december 17, 2009

New Gum Could Detect Malaria

Maliva is a chewing gum laden with magnetic nanoparticles that may represent a cheap and effective delivery method for diagnosing Malaria in under-served populations.


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