Karen Summerson

Karen Summerson

Karen is a regular contributor to She's also associate managing editor at Design and Culture and a graduate student at SUNY Purchase. She enjoys art, gender and queer studies and discovering new creative platforms.

Work october 21, 2012

How Anyone Can Master Technology - Daniel Hirschmann & Bethany Koby, Technology Will Save Us

The co-founders of Technology Will Save Us introduce us to DIY dissection and the creation of new gadgets by starting from the inside out.

Technology october 21, 2012

Restrictions Force Us To Be Creative - John Pugh, Boehringer Ingelheim [Video]

Director of Digital Communications explains the importance of fun on social media to aid a corporation's reputation and outlook.

Retail october 19, 2012

Chewing Gum Relieves Motion Sickness

A new method of getting rid of car/sea illness delivers drug through the buccal cavity in the mouth.

Advertising october 19, 2012

Norwegian Airline Offers Free Flights To Its Competitor's Passengers [Video]

Small airline, Wideroe boosts their business by offering gratis tickets to flyers on their larger market peer, Norwegian Air.

Luxury october 19, 2012

$50 Cup Of Coffee Is Made From Elephant Dung [Video]

Beans digested by elephants and civets brew the world's most expensive and caffeinated coffee.

Technology october 19, 2012

Belgian Studio Creates Artisanal 3D Printed Pottery

A global CAD experiment resulted in unique, ceramic artwork that proves the new production method isn't only for a mass scale.

Hospital Grows Organic Produce On Its Rooftop For Patients

A Michigan hospital builds a greenhouse that will grow fresh fruits and vegetables for their patients.

Mobile october 19, 2012

10 Stories You Need To Know Today

Newsweek makes historic announcement that they'll stop print publications, Google's premature quarterly earnings report halts company stock ...Links to start your day with.

Work october 18, 2012

Bank Releases Their Annual Report As An Art Installation [Pics]

A creative agency creates an artistic representation of German company L-Bank's yearly stats.

Innovation october 18, 2012

Smartphone App Makes Sure Users Are Doing Exercises Correctly [Video]

'idoo' offers a personal trainer who monitors your workout and technique.

IoT october 18, 2012

New Sperm Donor Service Lets Moms Choose Celebrity Baby-Daddies

A new fertility bank promises users the possibility of genes that will produce a more attractive and successful child--who can also better mankind.

Home october 18, 2012

Table & Chairs Hang On Wall Pegs When Not Being Used [Pics]

A Dutch studio creates a kit of assembly materials to make deconstructable, flexible furniture.

Work october 18, 2012

Photographer Hides His Images In The Scenery Where He Took Them [Pics]

French photographer blends reality and fiction together in photographic installation.

Springwise: Service Offers Speed Dating For Young, Single Farmers

‘Weed Dating’ lets this niche market get a chance to meet one another in the hopes of making a match.


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