Kill Screen

Kill Screen

Technology july 11, 2014

Kill Screen: Dutch Design Firm Adds Knobs To The iPad

How buttons are being reintegrated into visual interfaces.

Work july 10, 2014

Kill Screen: Tablet Gaming For Felines Is Real

Cat app development gives us a peek into important iPad user tips for all species.

IoT july 8, 2014

Kill Screen: Now You Can Play Reality In Third-Person Perspective

Oculus Rift hack brings your perspective up and behind your head, like in a video game.

Home july 7, 2014
Mobile july 3, 2014

Kill Screen: Facebook’s Social Experiments Are Only The Beginning

Video games have a history of being extensively involved players' emotional lives.

Work may 13, 2014

Kill Screen: How The Rules Of Social Games Are Creeping Into The Real World

Gamification offers a framework to improve our non-virtual lives.

Technology may 8, 2014

Kill Screen: Rubber Masks Protect Against Our Surveillance-Riddled Future

The artist behind URME Surveillance lends his face as an anti-recognition tool.

Mobile may 6, 2014

Kill Screen: The Secret To Social Game Success Is Sound

How muting a game's sound effects can detract from the entire playing experience.

IoT may 5, 2014

Kill Screen: VR Experiment Turns Your Living Room Into An Interdimensional Drawing App

Mind-boggling 3D drawing tool makes use of both the Kinect and Oculus Rift.

Technology april 29, 2014

Kill Screen: Sony’s Augmented Reality Tech Is Getting Scarily Realistic

Sony shows off its foray into AR in these two new videos.

Work april 22, 2014

Kill Screen: Virtual Puzzle Game Places Players Inside A Synthesizer

FRACT is a musical exploration game where players reconstruct a virtual world through sound.

Cities april 15, 2014

Kill Screen: Will Wearables Bring Video Game Design Into The Real World?

Trackable data points and real-time feedback may become a designer's best friend.

Innovation april 10, 2014

Kill Screen: How Wearable Interfaces Could Free Games From The Tyranny Of Screens

A new wave of technologies harness our own bodies and movements for entertainment.

Home april 3, 2014

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