Kourosh Behnam

Kourosh Behnam

Community Manager / Research & Strategy / @PSFK / / Manchester United Fan / Kings College London Graduate / Raised in CA living in NYC

PSFK 2015 Speaker on How Our Time-Saving Devices Give Us Less of It

PSFK 2015 Speaker on Building an Underground Park in NYC

PSFK 2015 Speaker on Emotional Connection that Drives People to Tweet at Sculptures

PSFK 2015 Speaker on Getting a Militia and Anti-Narcotics Police Working Together

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Transparency At Work Makes The Tech Industry Stronger

In the Future Videogames Will Be More About Culture Than Tech

Million-Dollar Whiskey from Space

  • 27 october 2014
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PSFK Presenting San Francisco 2015 #FutureOfRetail

Arkins Collection Focused on Sustainability, Producing in NYC

American Lifestyle Brand Opens Doors to Inspiration Lab for Idea-Generation

Adidas Hosts Tweet-Powered Fashion Show

Style-Conscious People Can Power Up with Wearable Collection

Foodily, FreshDirect to Make Seamless Online Grocery Shopping

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