Kristen Nozell

Kristen Nozell

Kristen is a freelance writer currently based in Amman, Jordan, regularly contributing to PSFK. Besides her passion for branding and design, she is an avid traveler and language-learner. Follow her on twitter and instagram: @kristen_n

Luxury december 31, 2014

Best of 2014: Communication Charts Help You Negotiate In Different Cultures

British linguist Richard D. Lewis created diagrams that capture negotiating characteristics across 27 different countries

Work may 7, 2014

A LinkedIn Network Designed Specifically For The Creative Class

A few years after its initial launch, read why Zerply is positioned as the go-to network for creative professionals in the entertainment industry.

Cities may 7, 2014

Scented Guidebook Creates A Visceral Experience For Tourists

The city of York has recently released a scratch-and-sniff tour guide to help people discover the city in a new way.

Design & Architecture april 29, 2014

Experimental Play Staged For A Sleeping Audience

The production encourages audience members to slip in and out of consciousness during the performance.

Technology april 28, 2014

Commemorate Your Best Tweets On Wooden Or Metal Plaques

Your favorite tweets can now end up on a plaque, immortalized forever.

Travel april 28, 2014

Airplane Seat Design Solves The Issue Of Shared Armrests

The Paperclip Armrest allows two passengers to each have their own place to rest.

Work april 24, 2014

Book Depicts The Most Famous Meal Of Favorite Literary Characters

The food porn in Dinah Fried's book comes straight from the pages of works of fiction.

Arts & Culture april 24, 2014

Scarves Painted With Ink Made From Bacteria

A British designer has turned soil bacteria into dye with her textile collection.

Mobile april 22, 2014

Shipping Container Rooms Can Be Removed From Hotels Like A Giant Jenga [Pics]

Recycled shipping containers make up a modular structure that can increase or decrease capacity based on demand.

Home april 21, 2014

What The Stationery of Iconic Historical Figures Would Have Looked Like

Popular online print service has reimagined how historical figures would have branded themselves.

Technology april 17, 2014

'Surf Selfies' Reveal Your Web Addiction

A web plugin monitors users' online browsing habits and provides an insightful weekly report.

Arts & Culture april 8, 2014

Motion-Sensing Tutus Create The Nutcracker 2.0

The Brooklyn Ballet features techno tutus in their take on the classic art form.

Cities april 8, 2014

Google Stories Guides Viewers Through Marseille At Night

An interactive digital experience takes viewers on an audio tour through the charming French city.

Technology march 31, 2014

Google Maps Parody Marks The World's Best Nap Spots

A spoof website aims to bring smiles (and maybe some z's) to Google fans.


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