Kyana Gordon

Kyana Gordon

Kyana Gordon is a regular contributor to She is also a Brooklyn based writer and cultural strategist with a strong passion for art, dance, tropical island living, and all things oceanic.

Work october 2, 2013

Banksy Debuts Art Show On Streets Of NYC

Banksy revealed his latest project yesterday, attempting to host an entire show on the streets of New York this October.

Design & Architecture october 2, 2013

Full Body Umbrella Keeps People Completely Dry When It Rains

In Japan, an everyday item is given a more practical makeover.

Sustainability october 2, 2013

IKEA Begins Selling Solar Panels In The UK

Swedish furniture giant has begun rolling out renewable energy products in stores.

Cities september 17, 2013

What Passersby See If They Look Down In New York City [Pics]

Art Director Daniel Soares captured New Yorkers from the ground up.

Design & Architecture september 12, 2013

A Typeface Made From Fried Eggs

Handmade Studio adds this delicious font to their collection of creative typefaces made from everyday objects.

Advertising september 10, 2013

Coca-Cola Introduces Hot Ginger Ale For Fall

The soda brand is launching a heated carbonated drink in Japan.

Work september 5, 2013

Vending Machine Dispenses Free Chocolate When Strangers Hold Hands

Milka, the Swiss chocolate brand designed a dispenser where a heartwarming interaction is all it takes to get a treat.

Luxury september 5, 2013

KFC Introduces Deep Fried Soup In Japan

KFC Japan gives deep fried foods typically found at American state fairs and carnivals some competition.

Technology september 5, 2013

Facebook Flavored Ice Cream Is A Real Thing

You can now take a bite out of the popular social network.

Arts & Culture september 4, 2013

A Beer That Can Be Spread On Toast

If you're tired of butter or jam, then this might just be the breakfast addition for you.

Cities august 29, 2013

Pedestrians Hitchhike For Rides On Passing Bicycles

In Holland, public areas for bicycle riders to pick up passengers were created in the city of Utrecht.

Technology august 29, 2013

Scientists Create Sperm Bank For Endangered Animals

Using a freeze-drying technique, Japanese scientists have created a living database to bring extinct species back to life.

Design & Architecture august 27, 2013

MINI Cooper Transformed Into A Roller Coaster

Three MINI Cooper S models were completely retrofitted to create a custom amusement park ride.

Home august 27, 2013

Small House Unfolds Into An Open Air Theater

Artist Matthew Mazzotta transformed a blighted property into a morphing architectural sculpture.


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