Kyana Gordon

Kyana Gordon

Kyana Gordon is a regular contributor to She is also a Brooklyn based writer and cultural strategist with a strong passion for art, dance, tropical island living, and all things oceanic.

Technology august 26, 2013

Poignant Short Film Depicts The Downside To Society's Smartphone Addiction

I Forgot My Phone is a short film about modern life and smart-phone alienation.

Retail august 26, 2013

Whole Foods To Start Selling Vinyl Records

Eco-friendly supermarket chain introduced LPs to five of their California stores.

Cities august 23, 2013

Will Avocado Beer Be The Next Big Food Trend?

Angel City Brewery in L.A. is introducing a beer tomorrow that includes everything you'd find in guacamole.

Design & Architecture august 22, 2013

Color-Coded Photo Series Charts Candy Through The Years [Pics]

These obsessively organized photographs take us back to our childhood days when sweets were prized possessions.

Advertising august 22, 2013

New York Public Library Introduces Photo Booths For Visitor Selfies

Visit the New York Public Library and express why you're there with a selfie.

Cities august 21, 2013

Burger Chain Steams Edible Football Logos Onto Buns

Sonic drive-in restaurants has deals in place with a few universities to market their football teams on its food.

Arts & Culture august 20, 2013

Hi-Res Photos Capture What Fast Food Really Looks Like

This photography series is intended to repulse viewers by the reality of processed fast food.

Design & Architecture august 20, 2013

Old Bicycle Transformed Into Water Fountain

A clever street artist converts a rusty old bike into a functioning water source.

Cities august 20, 2013

Then And Now Photos Show How New York Has Changed

NYC Grid shows images from early-mid 20th century contrasted with the scenes from present day.

Technology august 20, 2013

Watercolor Paintings Made Using Code

The artistic medium is given a digital reworking by designer, Kenichi Yoneda.

Retail august 19, 2013

Life-Sized Pillow Shaped Like a Woman’s Lap

A new cushion from Japan has been created to replicate the relaxing experience of laying your head on another person.

Arts & Culture august 19, 2013

Filmmaker Develops Simple Way To Retrieve Lost Stuff

Casey Neistat is constantly losing his keys, wallet, cellphone. In his new movie, shares reason why he tends to get them back.

Work august 19, 2013

Photographs Of Beautiful Abandoned Power Plants

Explore these beautiful images of forgotten, abandoned power plants.

Luxury august 14, 2013

Squatters Take Over Abandoned Skyscraper

A short documentary explores inside Venezuela's notorious Torre David.


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