Kyle Studstill

Kyle Studstill

Kyle Studstill is a regular contributor to Kyle works as a consultant working at the New York office of PSFK. His background is in analysis, from the analysis of cultural and technological change, to analysis of consumer and human insight, to military intelligence analysis with the US Intelligence and Security Command. Kyle loves the future, much like O'Brien from Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Technology june 15, 2012

New Social Network Uses Kindness As Its Currency, Encourages Giving

Actress / activist Lily Cole has been working with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales to create a new kind of social network, one built on reciprocity.

Design & Architecture june 5, 2012

Analog Twitter Wall Turns Updates Into Action

At the Re:Publica conference on digital society, the common twitter stream screen was re-imagined as a physical wall, exposing insights on the importance of the concrete in today's environment.

Work may 16, 2012

Experimental Art Project Generates Energy From World Currency Exchange

A "poet of ideas" creates a company that captures the current between two metal currencies that mirror those being traded digitally.

Technology november 29, 2011

App Facilitates One-On-One Activites With The People You Care About

A new social platform allows you to pick things to do and share them with specific people of your choice to help users engage in more meaningful interactions.

IoT november 2, 2011

Smell Your Tweets: Web Device Creates Scent-Based Notifications

Internet comes in, smell comes out. A new web-connected robot turns attention-demanding notifications into passive scents.

Retail september 30, 2011

Temporary Storage For The Urban Traveller

Cubby is a new service that allows you to store your bags temporarily in a secure location while you tour the city.

Innovation september 27, 2011

Turning To Artists To Help Explore And Power Connections

Media agency Mandala collaborates with artists and designers to bring people together and create communities through expression across different media.

Cities may 26, 2011

Making Trash Social: Dumpster Dive Explores Digital Recycling

A new desktop application creates a collective dumpster for the digital trash of its users.

Mobile may 20, 2011

Diesel Brings Facebook 'Likes' To Real-World Products

At clothing displays, mobile tags will be available for customers to scan and see similar items in the collections, as well as a Facebook button that lets the shopper to share the item on their wall.

Gaming & Play may 20, 2011

Purina Makes Touchscreen Apps For Cats

Purina's Friskies has developed three apps built to be played on the iPad and on Android tablets, drawing upon research on how cats react to moving stimuli.

Arts & Culture may 18, 2011

A Digital Platform For Exploring Physical Collections Within Library Stacks

The New York Public Library has released a tool that allows people to digitally explore collections within its archive of physical historical paraphernalia.

Sustainability may 16, 2011

A Massive Multiplayer Online Map

A playful feature of the Invisible Playground website shows how site visitors can be inspired to interact and explore with each other.

Arts & Culture may 13, 2011

More Than Just Books: NY Public Library Features Its Greatest Works

A celebration of 100 years of the New York public library's main building explores the human condition as described through various non-book items maintained within its collection.

Mobile may 12, 2011

Policy Clashes With Natural Behaviors: WiFi Vs Mobile Hotspots At Google I/O

A message from the Google I/O Twitter account points to an interesting clash developing between natural behavior and Internet access at conferences.


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