Lamya Hussain

Lamya Hussain

Lamya is a Torontonian living it out between London and the Middle East. Currently a PhD student working through development theory but has a passion for writing about all things that are green, design, space and sustainability. Twitter : @ilamzzone

Advertising september 21, 2012

Students Lead Massive Cafeteria Renovation To Give Lunch A Makeover

In merging design, marketing and social media the My Food My Way Campaign is shifting food perceptions and attitudes in Toronto schools.

Culture july 19, 2012

Ugandan Artists Creates A Local Park Out Of Garbage

Eco-Art intersects with humanitarian objectives in this TED 2012 Award-winning project in Uganda that raises awareness about the needs of children.

Advertising june 7, 2012

Coffee Chain Prints The Daily News On Their Beverages Sleeves

Gulf News partners with Tim Hortons and increases readership by marketing their news coverage when people are most likely to be receptive -- while enjoying their morning cup.

Cities june 6, 2012

Moss Street Art Brings Greenery To NYC Streets

A "green" graffiti revolution creates vertical interactive gardens in the urban landscape.

Design june 5, 2012

PUMA Provides A Proper Obituary For Your Old Sneakers

PUMA is offering in-store bins to help take old shoes and tote bags and turn them into new products, and is memorializing the old ones online.

Advertising may 25, 2012

Gucci Reveals Sustainable Bamboo-Inspired Sunglasses

Italian luxury house is going 'green' with its newest addition-- liquid-wood eyewear.

Home may 21, 2012

Kids Grow Kale For Zoo Animals To Encourage Their Own Healthy Habits

School program coordinates with local animal enclosure to promote good nutrition for children.

Culture may 17, 2012

How Is Brazil Preparing For The 2016 Olympics? By Boosting Education

The host of the future Summer Games is preparing by enlarging and focusing on its "professional" education programs.

Cities may 17, 2012

The Key To Developing Smart Cities Is Creating Smart Parking

Creating smart transportation solutions that respond to current technologies could be the way to revolutionize cities,

Culture may 15, 2012

Vintage Camera Made Out Of Recycled Photography Books

Artists create an innovative yet tongue-in-cheek design for this upcycled gadget.

Innovation may 9, 2012

Can Yoga Improve Mental Health In Youth?

Researchers explore how the breathing and stretching techniques can have physical and psychological benefits in teenagers.

Cities may 4, 2012

Traditional Arab Calligraphy Gets A Street Art Makeover

Tunisian artist merges Arabic typography with urban graffiti.

Innovation april 30, 2012

Bilingual Robot Receptionist Helps University Students In Both English & Arabic

Qatar University introduces robotic assistants that can engage with students and visitors to provide campus information.

Culture april 11, 2012

Artist Creates Portraits Using A Vintage Typewriter As A Brush

Replacing traditional art tools with the keys of the old machines, Keira Rathbone revisits an era of history while merging it with a modern print style.


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