Lara Piras

Lara Piras

Lara is a freelance writer, researcher and brand strategist based in London, having worked for some big players including MTV, WGSN, Stylesight and Vogue on a variation of future-led projects.

Home june 22, 2016

This Startup Plans To Reinvent Wi-Fi For The Home

Routers could be a thing of the past if this company's product succeeds in its aim to become a key part of the internet's future

Advertising june 20, 2016

Hilton’s Latest Campaign Improves Travel Planning Skills

The hotel giant has launched a content platform dedicated to the male consumer

Advertising june 16, 2016

Music Video Presents A Subtler Way To Integrate Branded Content

Sonos cleverly taps into an immensely personal moment on screen.

Technology june 15, 2016

Startup Prepares Africa’s World-Class Coding Apprentices For Future Jobs

A new education platform trains the top 1% of tech talent from the largest pool of untapped talent in the world

Cities june 14, 2016

A Transformable Playground Invents New Games For Tiny Spaces

Seoul designers use lack of space as inspiration to launch a portable playing field

Technology june 13, 2016

The French Government Has Developed An App For National Emergencies

Officials have updated France's communications to provide faster and more accurate messaging

Work june 13, 2016

Send Your Colleagues A Chat Message At The Push Of A Button

Hardware that uses the chat service Slack blurs the lines between physical and digital

Europe june 10, 2016

Urban Lockers Let Travelers Explore Cities Sans Luggage

Old fashioned storerooms get a makeover for the modern traveler in Madrid, Spain

Fashion june 10, 2016

Apparel Startup Rethinks Workout Gear For Religious Communities

Athletic brand caters to minority groups who prefer to dress modestly while exercising

Retail june 9, 2016

Walmart Is Next In Line To Develop A Drone

The retail giant is tapping into future technologies for the benefit of the business

IoT june 8, 2016

Concept Office Leverages The Internet Of Things To Create Customized Surroundings

An environmental "bubble" tailored to each person follows employees around to save energy

Retail april 28, 2016

This Self-Scanning Shopping Bag Could Eliminate Queuing

The old checkout process is out and the new is in via apps that can transform retail industry

Technology april 18, 2016

How VR Can Help You See World Wonders Before They Disappear

A tech-based preservation technique ensures future generations can see extinct landscapes

Technology april 12, 2016

Microsoft’s New Tool Is Designed To Make Us All More Productive

The tech giant's new app lets you track work productivity to ensure minimal time is wasted


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