Lara Piras

Lara Piras

Lara is a freelance writer, researcher and brand strategist based in London, having worked for some big players including MTV, WGSN, Stylesight and Vogue on a variation of future-led projects.

Retail june 10, 2016

Apparel Startup Rethinks Workout Gear For Religious Communities

Athletic brand caters to minority groups who prefer to dress modestly while exercising

Work june 9, 2016

Walmart Is Next In Line To Develop A Drone

The retail giant is tapping into future technologies for the benefit of the business

Sustainability june 8, 2016

Concept Office Leverages The Internet Of Things To Create Customized Surroundings

An environmental "bubble" tailored to each person follows employees around to save energy

Retail april 28, 2016

This Self-Scanning Shopping Bag Could Eliminate Queuing

The old checkout process is out and the new is in via apps that can transform retail industry

Technology april 18, 2016

How VR Can Help You See World Wonders Before They Disappear

A tech-based preservation technique ensures future generations can see extinct landscapes

Technology april 12, 2016

Microsoft's New Tool Is Designed To Make Us All More Productive

The tech giant's new app lets you track work productivity to ensure minimal time is wasted

Food april 11, 2016

Berlin Supermarket Brings Farm-To-Table One Step Further

This market has installed a complete micro-farm inside the store

Advertising april 11, 2016

IKEA's Virtually Indestructible Receipt Tackles 'Misconceptions' About Its Product

The home furnishing brand's promo features proof of purchase that lasts as long as the item

Retail april 8, 2016

Brick And Mortar Retail Takes A Step Back Into Nature

In-store interiors come alive at this Japan shop by bringing the outdoors indoors

Home january 11, 2016

The Design Behind Nendo's Very Own Café

A blend of historical and contemporary features fills the design studio's space, which serves coffee to Tokyo's finest

Work january 5, 2016

Fantasizing a Better Fantasy Football

One of the world's favorite digital games is about to get an upgrade by offering a whole lot more than simply dreaming up ideas from dens

Sustainability january 4, 2016

Thanks to Fungi, Future Furniture Could Be Pollution-Free

A new interiors series challenges the throw-away world we live in by using fully compostable materials—including one most people put on their pizza

Technology december 8, 2015

How a One-Stop App Can Make Messaging Less Frustrating

Cola aims to become the mega messaging platform of the moment and has real potential to override the likes of WhatsApp

Design & Architecture december 7, 2015

Utensils Designed to Put Distance Between Your Mouth and Grubby Tables

The Cantilever collection is not only sleek and sophisticated, it has an additional feature: hygiene friendliness


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