Leah Gonzalez

Leah Gonzalez

Leah is a freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys writing about technology, design, architecture, arts, and science.

Work january 18, 2016

Biowearable Tech Tattoos Monitor Your Vitals

Mobile development company Chaotic Moon unveiled its idea for biosensors that might one day find themselves replacing credit cards

Design & Architecture january 8, 2016

Foldable Workspace Ensures Non-Office Freedom

A foldable workspace lets you work wherever freelance or telecommuting takes you

Work january 8, 2016

Interactive Lamp Shivers, Puffs or Deflates Based On Its Surroundings

Sudden sounds or commotion make these lamps respond accordingly

Arts & Culture december 25, 2015

Projected Holiday Ornaments Make Any Tree Come Alive

This design studio used laser projection lighting as decorations, allowing for a segmented variety of animations

Arts & Culture december 21, 2015

From a Single Piece of Plywood to a Model of Economical Proficiency

Through plywood bending, this collection suffers from no material loss during the construction process

Work december 17, 2015

The Evolution of a DIY Space Suit

An archaeologist and space enthusiasts are working on an affordable pressure suit

Luxury december 9, 2015

How Many Licks Does It Take to Get to the Center of Reinvented and 3D-Printed Lollipops?

Confectionery craftsmanship that's custom-made for interested brands or organizations

Technology december 7, 2015

This Book Is a Pinhole Camera

A pop-up book by Kelli Anderson opens up into a cardboard cam, created with the support of Adobe Creative Residency

Mobile december 4, 2015

Your Phone Wallpaper Can Be a Satellite Image of Our Planet's Most Vibrant Places

WLPPR offers stunning images you can use as the background for your mobile, sourced from NASA, the European Space Agency, and Yandex

Innovation november 30, 2015

Crumple Up This Modern Clock Like You Would a Piece of Garbage

NEW TIME is made out of cotton fiber, metal and ABS that conforms to whatever shape you make it

Travel november 23, 2015

In Brazil, These Books Double as Subway Tickets

Ticket Books function as a train ride pass and aim to encourage reading in Brazil.

Sustainability november 20, 2015

Avoid Polluted Air With This Tiny Tube

Atmotube is a portable monitoring device that provides air quality data in real time

Cities november 20, 2015

A Light Folding Bike That Weighs as Much as Four Pineapples

The Hummingbird Bike is made out of carbon fibre and weighs only 6.5 kg

Design & Architecture november 17, 2015

Glasses That Can Treat Lazy Eye

Amblyz Glasses are designed to treat amblyopia, a condition that afflicts three to five percent of children


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