Leah Gonzalez

Leah Gonzalez

Leah is a freelance writer and blogger. She enjoys writing about technology, design, architecture, arts, and science.

Design & Architecture july 6, 2015

Lounge Chair Created in a Single Five-Week-Long Print

The furniture piece by 3D Systems' Janne Kyttanen features a lattice structure consisting of 6,000 layers

Work june 9, 2015

Absolut Vodka Brainstorms Sustainable Innovations from Old Storage Containers

The brand creates Creative Space, a venue for young innovators to find sustainable solutions to environmental issues

Cities june 5, 2015

What if FC Barcelona Jerseys Were Sponsored By Pantone?

Graphic designer Paulo Oliveira imagined the brand re-creating popular club uniforms

Technology may 20, 2015

Retro Tube Clock Tells You Time, Date and Temperature

Blub Uno is a uniquely designed clock with modern features, can be operated with a remote, and fits small spaces

Work may 18, 2015

Business Cards Made from Melted Crayons

Artist and designer Dorota Pankowska's usable Crayon Business Cards leave their mark as intended

Advertising may 18, 2015

IKEA’s Breakfast Cafe Offers Beds in Place of Tables

IKEA launches a breakfast cafe featuring a traditional Scandinavian breakfast, sleep tips, and nap time

Retail may 8, 2015

Create Your Own Eyewear With Over 250 Combinations

Banton Frameworks lets you customize your glasses to suit your skin tone, material preferences and job

Retail april 27, 2015

eBay Valet Service Makes Spring Cleaning Easy

Send in your no-longer-wanted items and an eBay valet professional will do all the work to sell them for you

Cities april 20, 2015

3D-Printed Coffee Set Inspired By Coastal City in Norway

Subsea Coffee created by design studio Vera & Kyte is a slow brew coffee set with a maritime aesthetic

Luxury april 20, 2015

Undergo a Psychedelic Experience Via an Umbrella of Mirrors

Artist Olafur Eliasson works with glass and mirrors to create kaleidoscopic artworks that breach dimensions

Home april 13, 2015

Artists’ Installation is a Room with Emotionally Charged Interiors

Elmgreen & Dragset turn the Perrotin gallery space into a densely furnished bedroom overlooked by a golden vulture

Design & Architecture april 8, 2015

Bioplastic Chair Sourced from Sustainably Managed Forests

Beet, corn starch and sugar cane compose Alki's Kuskoa Bi Chair

Innovation april 1, 2015

Business Cards Feature Raised Map of Barcelona

Studioclam designed geographical business cards for Zoom BCN, a Spanish architecture and design blog

Technology march 31, 2015

Design Projects are Rewarded Bridge Between Tablet and Desktop

Abode releases Comp CC, which simplifies the design process for mobile, print, and web


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