Lisa Baldini

Lisa Baldini

Lisa Baldini is a regular contributor to As a student of Graham Harwood, Luciana Parisi, and Matthew Fuller, Lisa's interest in technology lies in how culture is changed from the bottom up through history, materiality, databases, user experience, and affective computing. A student of social media marketing, she sees how people try to engage consumers through technology and how much failure is at hand by misunderstanding the medium. A teacher at heart, she writes and curates in an effort to link the knowledge derived between the academic, art, and business worlds.

Technology may 8, 2012

What Is A Brogrammer?

The era of the "brogrammer" ushers in a new mentality for the tech community.

Innovation may 23, 2011

When Artist Meets Technologist: Rhizome's Seven On Seven

These projects may prove to be some early indicators of where the latest technical ideas will evolve.

Advertising april 29, 2011

Seven On Seven 2011: Art Meets Technology

PSFK readers can use a special discount code for this year's event.

Work april 27, 2011

4 Minutes Facing You In The Mirror: An Interview With Hans Rosenstrom

Remove all computers, phones, relationships and obligations, can you face yourself?

Design & Architecture april 25, 2011

What Can Designers Learn About Experiential Marketing From A Death-Inducing Roller Coaster?

"Euthanasia Coaster" is a study in gravitational aesthetics and cognitive simulation.

Innovation april 22, 2011

The "Open Table" For Parking Spots

The Parking in Motion app allows you to call, reserve and pay for your space in numerous garages and airports around the US.

Cities april 22, 2011

The Politics of Sitting In San Francisco

Activists place DIY benches throughout San Francisco to protest city's Sit-Lie ordinance.

Arts & Culture april 22, 2011

Map Collages In The Age Of Google [Pics]

Artist Matthew Cusick uses physical maps as materials to enliven portraits of American icons.

Work april 21, 2011

The Hidden Threat Of The Chair-Based Lifestyle

In a world where we sit in chairs and stare at screens all day, with work extending itself into the night, our sedentary lifestyles continue to grow. But could this very act of sitting shorten our lifespan?

Technology april 20, 2011

Etymology In The Age Of 'Leet'

Researchers claim that the formation of languages is much more unpredictable and contingent on cultural factors, challenging Noam Chomsky's universal ordering of language.

Cities april 20, 2011

Wanderlust Takes Locative Media Beyond The Check-In

Application uses location-based media to create transmedia storytelling.

Gaming & Play april 19, 2011

Consoles Turn To Emotional Gaming

Emotional and physiological feedback could shape the next era of video game play.

Travel april 18, 2011

Washable RFID Tags Save Hotels Money

In an effort to reduce theft and track inventory, three hotels in Honolulu, Miami and Manhattan have recently employed these special tags in their towels and linens.

Technology april 15, 2011

Life & Data: A Daily Self-Potrait By Jonathan Harris [Video]

Harris invokes the artist as archivist to create a multimedia self-portrait in his 'Today' project.


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