Lisa Baldini

Lisa Baldini

Lisa Baldini is a regular contributor to As a student of Graham Harwood, Luciana Parisi, and Matthew Fuller, Lisa's interest in technology lies in how culture is changed from the bottom up through history, materiality, databases, user experience, and affective computing. A student of social media marketing, she sees how people try to engage consumers through technology and how much failure is at hand by misunderstanding the medium. A teacher at heart, she writes and curates in an effort to link the knowledge derived between the academic, art, and business worlds.

Mobile april 14, 2011

Homemade 360 Degree Camera [Pics]

DIY camera builder takes inspiration from nature to create an unusual sculptural device.

Work april 14, 2011

Kindle Publishes First Oral History Of The Japanese Earthquake

One of the first documents of the Japanese earthquake gets a little help from social media and the Internet.

Innovation april 14, 2011

GE Recreates The Sun [Video]

An aesthetically breathtaking experiment captures the force and power of the star in a way that feels humanly palpable and takes science from explanation back into the realm of magical thinking.

IoT april 13, 2011

When Marketing Affects Product Design: Adidas's The Megalizer

Adidas's The Megalizer Project heralds its Mega Collection and helps to further revolutionize the limits of dancing.

Design & Architecture april 13, 2011

Wind Power From Trains

The T-Box system harnesses wind energy from the existing motion of passing trains.

Technology april 13, 2011

What Does Virtual Pottery Say About Our World?

Digital craft creation moves a once artisanal product into mediation via the virtual world.

Cities april 12, 2011

Singapore Experienced Through Real-Time Data

Does 'Live Singapore!' and other urban data projects help us understand our cities better?

Arts & Culture april 5, 2011

The Visible Human Project: Open Data And Our Digital Fingerprint

Croix Gagnon and Frank Schott's beautiful 12:31 photo series questions posthumous data rights for executed prisoner Joseph Paul Jermigan.

Arts & Culture april 4, 2011

Graffiti Moves Into DIY Audio Electronics [Video]

What do the changes in graffiti say about us culturally?

Work march 30, 2011

What's The Latest Clean Energy To Power Your iPod? You.

Will portable electronics be powered by the human body? Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology think so.

Advertising march 30, 2011

Twitter Used to Crowdsource Kraft Mac & Cheese Commercials

The brand creatively mines Tweets to develop ads and promotions.

Home january 21, 2011

Value Creation, Curation And Art In The Age Of eBay & Tumblr

Free is the currency we deal in online: free articles, fee movies, free data. The latest show at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, "Free" examines the ramifications of value from political as much as aesthetic contexts during this cultural reformation.

Technology november 26, 2010

Animated Gifs: The Politics Of File Formats In Social Media And SEO

Paddy Johnson questions the resurgence of animated gifs.

Design & Architecture november 5, 2010

What's An Event Without Social Media?

Tangible Interaction makes social documentation easier with its kiosk.


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