Maria Vrachnos

Maria Vrachnos

Maria Vrachnos is a regular contributor to PSFK.

Luxury february 29, 2012

Old World Literary Salon Meets Co-Working Space In Long Island City

An update version of the age old club is set up by a writer and a painter to provide a space for and inspiration to young creators.

Advertising december 14, 2011

New Social Network Encourages Moms to Find Dads – No Marriage Required

A shift towards co-parenting has become a societal force to be reckoned with, and technology is just trying to keep up.

Innovation september 22, 2011

Peep: While You Sleep -- Tracking Wellness Scientifically

Tracking changes in behavior and sleep can lead to increased REM cycles and therefore increased well-being.

Technology august 31, 2011

Peep Insights: MOMA's 'Talk To Me' Demonstrates Our Redefined Relationship To Technology

The latest exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art highlights the way in which we use technology not only in the pieces in the exhibit but in the way they are viewed as well.

Work july 14, 2011

Peep Insights: A Virtual Look Inside Your Body

The Visual MD's collection of interactive images and videos helps you learn more about your body.

Work may 27, 2011

The Tread Project: Footwear Design As A Vehicle For Creative Thinking & Problem Solving

We were recently taken with the Tread Project, which uses footwear design to inspire a class of 25 underprivileged high school students.

Gaming & Play february 14, 2011

Peep Insights: Theater And Gaming Help Heal

Theater of War presents readings of Ancient Greek plays as a catalyst for town hall discussions about the challenges faced by combat veterans and those who support them.

Mobile december 17, 2010

Peep Insights: Wikileaks And The Future Of Media

The flash conference put on by Personal Democracy Forum(PDF) was stirred by a “hinge moment for numerous issues,” raised by Wikileaks.

Home november 4, 2010

Peep Insights: Pop Up Eateries, Food Trucks & The Justice Food League

New York is home to some of the best food, and often there is the price tag to match. Lately, chefs are focusing on "cheap eats" that don’t sacrifice the quality New York is known for.

Innovation august 18, 2010

Peep Insights: A Dual Mission Business Model

The advent of Social Innovation has created a wealth of knowledge and new understanding, shifting the non-profit model paradigm from one of charity to purposefulness.

Technology july 21, 2010

YOXI: Social Biking Innovation

The YOXI platform is helping to spread new ideas around bike sharing and community.

Sustainability june 8, 2010

Peep Insights: A Foraged Farmers' Market In San Francisco

A recent trip reveals a burgeoning hyper-local food community.

Sustainability may 25, 2010

Peep Insights: The Hunt For Purpose Driven Marketing

This Arbor Day, Philips Norelco created a niche spectacle in their own effort to address the triple bottom line.

IoT march 2, 2010

Peep Insights: The New Reality Of Social Media

Peep Insights shares thoughts on Social Media Week, and the changing landscape of social media.


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