Mauricio Soares

Mauricio Soares

A curious mind with an eye for music, technology, art and sustainability.

Advertising june 22, 2011

Real Estate Developer Uses Facebook As A Crowdsourcing Platform

Users are invited to contribute their ideas to erect new buildings in Brazil.

Advertising june 20, 2011

Grafitti Used In Campaign Against Drugs

A new campaign against drugs in São Paulo uses the city's surfaces as its billboards to speak more directly to the young urban audience most effected.

Technology june 14, 2011

Mandalah: USP Implements Initiative To Deal With Electronic Waste

University of São Paulo creates a center for the reuse and recycling of computer and telecommunication goods.

Cities june 13, 2011

Mandalah: Urban Expedition Raises Environmental Awareness

A group of 900 people explore the surroundings of one of the most polluted rivers in Brazil.

Advertising april 8, 2011

When Art Is A Conscious Tool

Brazilian environmental institute uses traditional crafts to raise awareness of drinking water scarcity.

Advertising february 23, 2011

3D Vision Without The Glasses: The Mystery Unveiled [Video]

The "revolutionary" 3D system is, in fact, a very creative joke.

Advertising february 15, 2011

Google Meets Graffiti: Red Bull Street Art View

A collaborative collection showcasing street art from all over the globe.

Cities february 8, 2011

OU: A Flexible Tron-Like Mobility Concept

2:1 Industrial Design team proposes urban mobility solution inspired by fish shoals.

Technology january 21, 2011

Levi’s Brazil On Instagram

Denim brand uses iPhone photo app to connect with its audience.

Culture november 23, 2010

Do You See?

Photo exhibition in São Paulo depicts Africa beyond stereotypes

Advertising november 1, 2010

See The World Through New Lenses

In Brazil, a project turns homeless people into photographers

Technology october 20, 2010

Technology Helps Democracy In Brazil

Electronic ballot boxes make the voting process easier and faster.

Advertising october 1, 2010

Vandativismo: Setting Illegal Propaganda On Fire

In Brazil, grassroots movements fight back against the misuse of public space.

Cities september 16, 2010

Traffic Enforcement Meets Journalism

Traffic agent brings his passion for photography to the streets


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