Melanie Ehrenkranz

Melanie Ehrenkranz

Mobile may 4, 2016

Communicating “I Love You” In The Emoji Era

Communication experts from Snapchat, SwiftKey and Giphy share how they show <3 when SMS rules conversations

Work march 1, 2016

The Nomad Class Envisions The Desk of 2020

The future workspace is wherever you want it to be

Technology february 25, 2016

Virtual Reality Pioneers Are Writing the Rules As They Go

The New York Times, Google, and GE talk trailblazing in a new medium

Innovation february 5, 2016

Super Bowl 2020: Future Fandom Gets Teched Out

Mixed realities, snack drones and ads in your face at Super Bowl 54

Sustainability december 23, 2015

The PSFK Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Based on a year of research by PSFK Labs, we curated a list of near future-proof holiday gifts

Cities september 28, 2015

Indulge Yourself in PSFK’s Modern Vice Guide

PSFK and experts curate a menu based on the future of sex, drugs & alcohol

Work september 24, 2015

The Origin of a High Tech Vaporizer Comes Deeply Rooted in Robotics

PSFK interviews Vapium co-founder Michael Trzecieski on building solar-powered vapes for an off-the-grid bake

Gaming & Play september 7, 2015

The Virtual Reality Headset of 2018

VR experts sketch their visions of what virtual reality hardware will look like in the near future on napkins

Retail june 19, 2015

Getting Our Grub On With an Emoji Food Delivery Service

psfkUNFILTERED: Editorial Researcher Melanie Ehrenkranz and the PSFK office try out fooji, an emoji-based food delivery service, prior to launch

Luxury june 18, 2015

By 2018 We’ll Have Stopped Designing for the Screen on the Wall

Will media rooms of the near future be geared toward virtual reality (VR) instead of the TV?

Cities june 17, 2015

Ready Yourself for VR Headsets on Your Morning Commute

In the near future, virtual reality headsets will bounce between work and play, becoming a portable day-to-day staple like our laptops

Advertising june 16, 2015

Content So Kickass Your VR Headset (Seemingly) Disappears

You want us to put on the VR headset? Sure, but we won't settle for anything less than content greatness

Technology june 15, 2015

In Virtual Reality, Seeing (and Hearing and Touching) is Believing

In the near future, virtual reality won't just be about the visuals, it will expand to other senses

Technology may 14, 2015

‘Silicon Valley Fashion Week?’ is Part Satire, Part Our Fashion-Tech Future

Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland on his sold-out runway show giving drones and wearable tech the fashion week treatment


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