Michael Brooks

Michael Brooks

Design & Architecture march 30, 2011

Organic Beer Celebrates German Punk Culture

An unusual mix of influences comes together in 'Wasted German Beer.'

Innovation march 29, 2011

"Gut Instincts" Shown To Be Real

Research conducted at McMaster University discovered a direct link between bacteria in the gut and the brain.

Work march 23, 2011

Optimism: The Cure For The Recession

A return to optimism and a general boost in confidence is what will solidify our burgeoning economic recovery.

Technology march 23, 2011

Mobile Technology Is Causing A Personal Energy Crisis

The new non-stop work environment facilitated by mobile devices has created a human energy deficit that we're desperately trying and failing to make up for.

Innovation december 7, 2010

Food Or Drug?

Gary Wenk, writing at SEED magazine, wonders how sharp the difference between food and drugs are.

Retail september 3, 2010

Facebook Credits Gift Cards Come To Target Stores

With its recent partnership, social-networking giant Facebook makes its first foray into physical retail space.

Sustainability september 2, 2010

Artist's Tea Kettle Designed To Be Obsolete

Artist explores the death of the 100W light bulb in France through a tea kettle that heats water through wasted energy.

Technology september 2, 2010

Google Gaming: Powermeter Adds Badges To Encourage Energy Conservation

A Foursquare-inspired introduction of game mechanics aims to help curb power use.

Cities september 2, 2010

Garbage Anthropology

Robin Nagle, the New York City Department of Sanitation's anthropologist-in-residence explores the hidden world of garbage that surrounds us.

Sustainability september 1, 2010

An All iPad Classroom

The University of Notre Dame has launched a test program as part of a study on e-learning.

Design & Architecture september 1, 2010

Parents Can Rest Easy With New Baby PJs

A new hi-tech Pajama design is made to help avert sudden infant death syndrome.

Advertising september 1, 2010

A Social Media Company Powered By Coal?

Green NGO calls on Facebook to shift towards more sustainable energy resources.

Travel august 30, 2010 Helping Make Fellow Travellers Into Friends

A new travel and social networking service connects like-minds with similar travel plans.

Work august 30, 2010

Rishi Tea And The Growth Of Fair Trade In Asia

A recent profile of founder Joshua Kaiser highlights some interesting facts about the world of tea, and shows how consumption habits are changing around the world.


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