Michael Ellenbogen

Michael Ellenbogen

Mike is a regular contributor to PSFK. As a brand strategist and insights consultant for Fortune 500 companies, Mike executes on research to better understand how people interact with brands. His favorite topics are emotional branding, data visualization, customer relationships, eco-friendly products and real estate.

Work september 10, 2014

MIT Researchers Transform Google Glass into Real-Time Health Sensors

Monitoring health and emotional movements might be easier than expected in wearable electronics

Innovation august 29, 2014

Innovation and Success in the Restaurant World Translated into Business Experiences

Unique lessons from an interview with the only person to have eaten at every 3-Star Michelin-rated restaurant in the world

Design & Architecture august 6, 2014

Branding Firm Creates Product Meshing Design with Human Senses

Ever wonder what makes cities so engaging? SensoryLab recreates city experiences through scent

Design & Architecture august 6, 2014

Design-Inspired, Cold-Pressed Juice Acts as Catalyst to Lifestyle Change

This newly designed beverage acts as a cure to unhealthy lifestyles, rather than just being another cleanse

Home august 1, 2014

Spirulina Makers Offer Sexy Superfood Solution to the Miracle Plant

How one company is making it easier to pack a punch with the supplement and nutrient rich algae

Sustainability july 25, 2014

Plant-Focused Art Imagines What Living, Natural Art Can Be

'Art We Heart' envisions what trendy, simple art form looks like and the impressions it makes

Work july 22, 2014

The Simpsons Characters As Wine Bottles

The classic, beloved show inspires minimalist design for wine

Luxury july 21, 2014

GE Redesigns Footwear Created for Walking on the Moon

Designed with special materials and attention to detail, the Missions sneaker was designed to symbolize innovation, human achievement and help GE fortify its place in the sun

Sustainability july 21, 2014

Create a Cyber Garden Combining Urbanism, Food Manufacturing & Ecology

Design studio develops agro-urban prototype for cultivating plants and envisioning applicability to larger landscape developments

Retail july 17, 2014

Sunglass Company Aims to Make Impact In Eco Eye Wear with Hemp

"Hemp" plans to take charge with the cannabis plant's fiberous material, creating an eco-friendly and (the only) hemp-made glasses on the market

Technology july 16, 2014

Sony Drops 8 Million Flower Petals to Promote New TV Line

Eight million flower petals cover an entire Costa Rican village to promote the quality, definition and representation of their new line of televisions

Mobile july 15, 2014

Nike, Google, W+K Allow Sports Fans to Create Digital Posters in Real-Time

In partnership with Google's "Art, Copy & Code" project, Nike engages sports fans globally by allowing them to create their own digital posters

Arts & Culture july 11, 2014

Large Human Garden Educates People On Herbal Medicine Benefits

The Traveing Herbman Cafe Project is a plant and herb garden that teaches people about the medicinal properties and benefits of botanicals

Arts & Culture june 18, 2014

Dogfish Head Beer Teams Up With Woolrich On Outdoorsy Product Line

Craft brewery partners with outdoors fashion company to create collaborative clothing and beer.


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