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Naresh Kumar

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Sustainability march 1, 2011

Using Salvaged Materials To Build Micro Homes

Derek Diedricksen's tiny houses are surprisingly cheap and are made from discarded junk.

Technology february 25, 2011

UniLeaks: WikiLeaks-Styled Space For College Whistle-Blowers

The site promises a safe space for users to send restricted documents on public interest matters pertaining to education.

Retail february 25, 2011

Temporary Shop Uses Stretched Tights To Redefine Interior Space

The Edwards Moore-designed store takes inspiration from crystalline forms.

Luxury february 25, 2011

The Design Failure Of Big Box Book Stores

Monocle's editor Tyler Brûlé describes how considered design can save retail spaces.

Sustainability february 24, 2011

Heinz To Roll Out Its Ketchup In PlantBottles

The company is partnering with Coca-Cola to use the environmentally friendly packaging in its ketchup bottles.

Innovation february 24, 2011

Using iPhones As Playing Cards [Pic]

An unusual use of counterfeit devices.

Technology february 24, 2011

Using Common Objects To Interact With Computers

The TED Fellow and interactive designer James Patten explores newer ways to control and represent data.

Retail february 24, 2011

The Bread Baking Vending Machine [Video]

Chef David Lebovitz tries out a unique vending machine in Paris that makes a freshly-baked loaf in one minute.

Home february 24, 2011

Playful Experience Design: House With A Built-In Slide

The Level Architects-designed home has a continuous loop of slides and stairs along its outer edge.

Design & Architecture february 24, 2011

Solowheel: A Portable, Self-Balancing Unicycle

The single-wheeled vehicle uses gyro sensors for balancing, while a Lithium-ion battery powers it for up to two hours.

Arts & Culture february 23, 2011

FedEx: Always First [Pic]

A brilliant conceptualization by Thomas Ilum and Zoe Vogelius that reinforces the compay's motto.

Technology february 23, 2011

The Mind-Boggling Information Processing Capacity Of Our World

Martin Hilbert of the University of Southern California carried out a study to discover just how much information does humankind store and compute.

Mobile february 23, 2011

Subports Mixes Experimental Retail With Performance Art

Subports and artist Richie Budd are organizing an 'enclosed' frat party inside a traditional art opening gala.

Retail february 23, 2011

Eco-Friendly Convertible Shoes Allow For Easy Customization

Grant Delgatty's new range allows wearers to make multiple pairs of shoes using the modular system.


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