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Naresh Kumar

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Technology february 23, 2011

Smart Keyboard Keeps Sensitive Data Away From Prying Eyes

The SonarLocID features a sonar sensor to monitor a user's presence on a shared computer.

Retail february 23, 2011

When Packaging Costs More Than The Product

Designer Sinclair Smith on excessive and wasteful packaging.

Innovation february 22, 2011

Maersk’s New Triple-E Ships Would Be The World's Largest, Most Fuel Efficient Vessels

The container vessels will have energy efficient features while also carrying more units than smaller class ships.

Technology february 22, 2011

Hotmail Integrates Facebook Chat Into Its Inbox

The Microsoft-owned email system now allows its users to seamlessly chat with their Facebook friends.

Design & Architecture february 22, 2011

Taking Inspiration From Nature To Solve The Economic Crisis [Video]

Best-selling author Nassim Taleb on how looking to nature's robustness can help us come up with solutions to the present meltdown.

Innovation february 22, 2011

Is Apple Working On Its Own Branded Televisions?

The company has posted a new job position that hints on it developing its own TVs.

Gaming & Play february 22, 2011

Kissing As A Gaming Controller

Can intimacy between people be used to control a video game? Artist Hye Yeon Nam explores.

Work february 21, 2011

Carpe Minuta Prima Explores The Value of Time

Artist Brian Lobel will be filming and selling a minute of your time to strangers.

Arts & Culture february 21, 2011

The Internet And Happiness

An Internet art project automatically documents moments when users smile.

Arts & Culture february 18, 2011

How 3D Printing Miraculously Restored The Thinker

The world famous Auguste Rodin-designed sculpture was repaired by the Belgian firm iMaterialise.

Innovation february 18, 2011

University Of The South Recognizes Economic Challenges Of Students, Reduces Tuition Fees

The move will make higher education more accessible and reduce their students' loan debt.

Mobile february 18, 2011

Bicycle-Based Water Purification System

Cycloclean uses its pedal power to purify water, making it an excellent product for remote regions.

Luxury february 18, 2011

Emotional Connection With Product Essential To Design's Longevity

Designer Rochus Jacob shares his views on a product's design, function and the emotional response it generates.

Technology february 18, 2011

Does IBM Watson Have An Unfair Speed Advantage Over Its Jeopardy Challengers?

The machine's creators say that there are other (more human) elements too, that matter in winning the game.


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