Nate Graham

Nate Graham

Nate Graham is a regular contributor to PSFK. He is a trends strategist and creative at PSFK with previous experience at Red Bucket Films and the Graffiti Research Lab. His interests include storytelling, social justice, kitsch, americana, and tackling life one donut at a time.

Design & Architecture august 15, 2011

Redefining Public Spaces: NYC's East River Esplanade

New York City continues to improve its waterfront access with beautifully designed, pedestrian-friendly, public spaces.

Technology july 21, 2011

iPhone App Predicts What You'll Love

A sophisticated app recommends new places to dine and enjoy, based on your favorite haunts.

IoT june 21, 2011

BBC Debuts Video App For Samsung

The latest on-demand TV news offering from the broadcasting giant has the potential to significantly alter the media industry.

Design & Architecture june 17, 2011

Renegade Craft Fair Finds: Luca Antonucci And Mgmy

PSFK highlights finds from Brooklyn's Renegade Craft Fair.

Cities june 10, 2011

":)" By FriendsWithYou Brings Joy To NYC

An exuberant and playful solo show arrives in NYC.

Advertising may 19, 2011

On The iPhone 5 And Limits Of Necessary Technology

The rumor mill continues to spin tales of 8MP cameras, summer release, and increased processor speeds. Having that and general mobile developments on our minds, we reached out to our global network of experts on The Purple List for some thoughts.

Work april 22, 2011

LinkedIn & The Future of Business

PSFK's Purple List network of experts considers how the service might change the way we network.

Arts & Culture april 18, 2011

Unexpected Biomimicry: Natural Car Alarm

An artist playfully explores connections between technology and nature.

Technology april 13, 2011

The Realization Of A Digital Business Card: LinkedIn's New Update

A recent update to LinkedIn hopes to help establish the platform as the universal provider of professional profiles across the web.

Work april 7, 2011

Could Facebook Credits Work As A Real-World Currency?

The Purple List, PSFK's network of experts, considers the future of virtual currency.

Luxury march 28, 2011

Bill Nguyen On The Business Uses Of Color

Exploring the $41 million startup's business model and what it has in the works.

Work march 25, 2011

PSFK Asks the Purple List, What are the Limits of Digital?

The Purple List--PSFK's network of experts--thinks about whether some actions and experiences will forever remain analog.

Mobile march 23, 2011

Facebook Payments Could Shake Things Up

The social networking site forms a promising or "threatening" fiscal subsidiary.

Advertising february 23, 2011

Presenting The Future: The Aesthetics and Branding of IBM’s Smarter Planet

Exploring what a better future looks like in 2011.


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