Nicko Margolies

Nicko Margolies

Nicko is a regular contributor to PSFK who grew up in DC and is now finishing college in Ohio. When he isn't writing, he's either looking for a full-time job after graduating or pursuing his passion for photography. Feel free to check out his photo-blog, Nicko's Big Picture.

Technology september 29, 2009 Video Caller Status Updates, is a mobile service that allows visual status updates with 4-second videos and multi-platform integration.

Design & Architecture september 24, 2009

Lessons from the Netflix Prize

Netflix recently awarded their $1 million prize to a seven person group of statisticians and computer scientists for improving the accuracy of customer movie recommendations by ten percent.

Technology september 23, 2009

(Video) Technology and Convergence Facts

We recently covered what the internet is killing and this video we came across shows through various statistics how the internet is changing our lives.

Cities september 23, 2009

Laser Assisted Microphone Makes Next Leap in Sound Technology

David Schwartz, a digital audio pioneer, will soon be unveiling a new design for a microphone that is aided by lasers to isolate "pure sound."

Mobile september 23, 2009

‘Best Camera’ iPhone App by Chase Jarvis

Chase Jarvis, a world-renowned commercial photographer, recently launched an iPhone application, book and online photo community to convince everyone that the best camera is the one that's with you and absolutely anyone can snap a remarkable image.

Work september 21, 2009

Tristin Lowe’s Inflatable Fabric Whale

Tristin Lowe, an artist based in Philadelphia, unveiled a massive project earlier this summer that pushes the limits of its room in the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

Work september 21, 2009

The Portraits of Stefan Hobmaier

Stefan Hobmaier, a photographer from Germany, has a new series of photos called Dorfjugend that covers young people growing up in small towns.

Cities september 21, 2009

City Rendered in 3D Using Photosynth, Flickr

A group of computer scientists from the University of Washington's Graphics and Imaging Laboratory have created an algorithm that improves the technology behind Microsoft's Photosynth to render massive environments in 3D.

Arts & Culture september 18, 2009

Retro Cameras from the Streets of Tokyo

Old cameras are becoming a stylish accessory, and in Japan the youth eagerly show off their retro cameras to the Tokyo Camera Style blog.

Innovation september 16, 2009

(List) What the Internet is Killing

The Telegraph recently featured a list of fifty things that are being destroyed by the internet. The article is hardly surprising given the massive shifts the internet brings to society, but it does raise a debate about what will be missed from a bygone era and what will be rightly forgotten.

IoT september 16, 2009

Hyperlocal Peer-to-Peer Piracy

The Pirate Kiosk is a local and public backup of the Pirate Bay's torrent catalog broadcast from a WiFi router, allowing peer-to-peer file sharing without the need for the internet.

Design & Architecture august 28, 2009
Arts & Culture august 28, 2009
Technology august 28, 2009

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