Ozgur Alaz, Promoqube

Ozgur Alaz, Promoqube

Özgür Alaz, the co-founder of the digital marketing agency Promoqube, is a trend specialist and entrepreneur. He leads projects related to digital strategy and marketing technology development. Besides having experience in finance, telecom and digital business models, Alaz is an expert in social media, digital strategy, business model innovation, trend analysis, lean startups and personal productivity.

Work december 12, 2013

Ozgur Alaz: How Does Your Business Appear On Social Media?

Use different display options available on social media to give a company a distinctive identity.

Innovation august 4, 2013

Ozgur Alaz: 7 Steps For Social Media Crisis Management

Crises spread with the speed of a rocket thanks to our online networks. What to do when you can’t keep anything as a secret and worst of all, when you lost control of your brand image.

Retail july 14, 2013

Ozgur Alaz: Is It Time For Utility Marketing?

The marketing expert talks about how companies need to make their customers' lives easier in order to gain their respect and attention.

Retail january 23, 2007

Social Retailing: "Is This Dress For Me?"

IconNicolson has a “social retailing” vision which means mashing up social computing and near-field communication technologies with youth shopping habits – to target young adult shoppers. As a part of...

Innovation january 22, 2007

MIT Conference - Audio and Video Downloads of the Speakers

PSFK has found some great video and audio recordings of the presentations made to the MIT Futures of Entertainment conference held in November 2006. Topics under discussion included Television Futures,...

january 22, 2007

Das Park Hotel

Dasparkhotel is an experimental hotel in Austria which was converted into hotel rooms from drain pipes. Each room has - full headroom, double bed, storage, light, power, woolly blanket and...

Mobile january 17, 2007

Truphone: VOIP For Your Mobile

VoIP comes to the cellphone with is a new piece of free software named Truphone. You will be able to make free or VoIP-rate from Wi-Fi hotspots places with your...

Home january 8, 2007

Got questions?

Two web giants has recently launched an “answer” service. One of the newly launched answering service is They have partnered with Company, Mechanical Turk, who has a community...

Technology january 8, 2007


To stay competitive, many retailers (e.g. Amazon, Costco, Sears…) offer a 30 day price protection guarantee. It means that if they lower their price within 30 days of when you...

Luxury january 4, 2007

Interactive Porn

The last buzz about Wii is if it could begin a new generation of porn industry. “Wii Mote Strap” gives players the ability to give pleasure to computer women in...

Innovation january 4, 2007

Your Very Own Love Song

TailoredMusic is an interesting concept that caught our eyes. We are already familiar with the personalized song that Jessica Simpson made, but this start-up takes it a step further. TailoredMusic...

Innovation january 3, 2007

Trend Blend 2007

Inspired from subway maps, Nowandnext and Future Exploration Network have produced a trend map. It shows some of the major trends into ten main categories, as well as the key...

Arts & Culture january 3, 2007

Living Room Theatre

Ultra reports a visionary new theatre concept named LivingRoomTheatre. They combine a European style café and lounge with a relaxing place to see movies. They says:Felix Martin, Ernesto Rimoch and...

Retail january 2, 2007

Interaction Design for RFID Retail

PingMag has a piece up that examines interesting use of RFID in Mitsukoshi’s flagship store. They recently interviewed Masakazu Nishida, the general manager who leads Mitsukoshi’s RFID project, about their...


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