Parneet Gosal

Parneet Gosal

Parneet is a regular contributor to PSFK. She is also a strategist, writer and founder of digital strategy consulting firm, Seedwalker. Formerly worked for the man at American Express, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Saks Fifth Avenue. Ping her on Twitter @parneetg, Facebook at /seedwalker or parneet at seedwalker dot com.

Technology september 23, 2011

How To Update Brands To Make Them Palatable For New Global Markets

The latest SAMMA conference provides insights for businesses entering the Indian market about how to keep their brands relevant.

Work july 19, 2011

5 Emerging Trends On Google+

The flexibility of the new social networking platform itself has lead to it being used in some new and interesting ways.

Design & Architecture june 21, 2011

Crowdsourcing Changes To The U.S. Constitution?

Iceland's bold move to adapt their constitution based on feedback gathered through various social networks has the international community perking up and taking note. Here we debate the relative merits of the process.

Technology june 8, 2011

Digital Archaeology: Looking to the Past to Inspire Future Innovation

Exhibitions at Internet Weed raise some interesting questions about our collective digital history.

Work june 3, 2011

What is a Digital City?

New York City has put an emphasis on making itself more digital. But what does that really mean?

Home may 25, 2011

How Did Instagram Grow So Fast?

The social photo sharing app won 100,00 users within a week of launching and now has 4.25 million users who post 10 photographs per second using the app.

Cities may 25, 2011

GetAround: An Airbnb For Cars

The new startup makes use of underused resources by letting users rent their neighbor's cars.

Technology may 24, 2011

What Makes A Startup Successful?

Angel investors Ron Conway and David Lee share some controversial findings on entrepreneurial myths at TechCrunch Disrupt 2011.

Sustainability may 5, 2011

Turning Sustainable Sourcing Into A Story Worth Hearing

In a world where consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability, questions about the origin of products are gradually becoming a part of the purchase decision.

Mobile april 29, 2011

The Saviors Of Online Publishing

This month has seen two major innovations that may well play a big part in helping publishers adapt to changing reading habits, with a little help from Al Gore.

Work april 21, 2011

Immersive Is The Google AdWords Of Intelligent Digital Signage

Immersive Labs is developing futuristic "Minority Report" style ads that respond and change based on factors such as time of day, weather, age and attention span.

Cities april 18, 2011

A Social Twist To Loyalty Marketing

Crowdtwist is a social loyalty and rewards platform that uses game mechanics and virtual currency to activate the user base and makes it fun and engaging for users to engage with a brand.

Arts & Culture april 18, 2011

TechStar NYC’s Demo Day: Presenting 11 Promising Startups

The successful startup accelerator program stages an inaugural class graduation for their New York outpost.

Design & Architecture april 8, 2011

The Evolution Of The Coca-Cola Bottle

This year marks the 94th anniversary of the iconic contour bottle, a package design recognized worldwide.


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