Peter Jacobson

Peter Jacobson

Advertising january 20, 2011

Domino's Engineers A Smarter Slice For School Lunch

Domino's Pizza has an ambitious new plan to expand into double the number of grade school cafeterias that feature their pizza nationwide.

Arts & Culture november 24, 2010

Stories On Demand: Publisher Offers Reading To Ease The Wait

Working with the idea that people are often bored in public places or in transit, publisher A Book gives away short stories via a printout machine and other novel methods.

Technology november 4, 2010

Finding An Open Parking Space By Cell Phone

Toulouse is testing a new system that could help cut down traffic and pollution as well as the frustration of finding an open place to park.

Retail october 20, 2010

CLOVR Connects Credit Cards To Web Offers

An interesting new service allows users to bridge online discounts with physical purchases.

Technology october 19, 2010

UN Adopts Wiki-Power To Document Wildlife Conservation

ProtectedPlanet aims to increase visits to and awareness of protected areas of the planet.

Retail october 15, 2010

Starbucks Trials Recycling Coffee Cups

The coffee chain is currently engaged in a nine-week program to reclaim a significant portion of the three billion paper coffee cups used in the US annually.

Design & Architecture october 13, 2010

Bringing Site Specific Audio To London Landmarks

Musicity is a new location-based phone application that links music and architecture.

october 6, 2010

RatCar: A Rodent Controlled Brain-Machine Interface

An experiment by researchers at the University of Tokyo points to a future where disabled persons could mind-control wheelchair motions.

Work august 31, 2010

MTV And Foursquare Team Up To Encourage STD Testing

The "GYT: Get Yourself Tested" promotion offers a special badge to users who check in at a clinic or doctor's office.

Home august 31, 2010

Turn Your Mobile Phone Into A Stethoscope

The iStethoscope app allows users to easily monitor and share their heartbeat.

Mobile august 17, 2010

Sainsbury's Trials Automated Prescriptions

Medicine vending machines will be tested in two of the chain's locations starting this month.

Innovation july 30, 2010

Second Button: Affordable Bespoke Tailors Who Make House Calls

A new service, based in New York City, offers easy custom shirts.

Design & Architecture july 30, 2010

SMSlingshot: Public Media Interventions

Device allows for digital-architectural interaction using projected texts.

Work july 28, 2010

PSFK SALON DETROIT Speaker Interview: Sheryl Connelly, Head of Trend Forecasting At Ford

We speak with Sheryl Connelly about what consumer trends outside the automotive industry are driving the refocus and rejuvenation of the motor company.


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