Rachel Oliner, PSFK

Rachel Oliner, PSFK

Rachel is an Assistant Editor in PSFK's editorial team.

Mobile july 24, 2014

Shutterstock Dreams Up Ailments Plaguing Our Favorite Superheroes

Comic prescriptions help heal crime fighters like Professor X and the Hulk

Home july 1, 2014

IKEA Creates A Website Inside The Instagram App

An unconventional use of the photo sharing app makes for a novel promotional campaign.

Work june 25, 2014

See SoundCloud’s New Headquarters At The Forefront Of Berlin’s Tech Scene

Housed in a former brewery, the 4,000 square-meter office boasts quirky features and will host local hackathons and events.

Technology june 19, 2014

Medical Records Now Available To Doctors On Google Glass

Drchrono's new Glass app puts patients' vital and clinical information right in front of healthcare providers' eyes.

Luxury june 19, 2014

Tech-Heavy Leather Briefcase Finds Whisky Fans The Perfect Blend

Johnnie Walker's Flavor Profiler pairs whisky lovers with the blends best suited to their tastes.

Sustainability june 13, 2014

Environment Tracker Turns Your Phone Into A Personal Weather Station

CliMate collects humidity, UV Index, and temperature data 24/7.

Work june 4, 2014

What Aspiring Creatives Can (And Should) Learn From This Burgeoning Photographer

Charlie Rubin talks to PSFK about his hybrid film-digital process and how emerging artists can rise above the crowd.

Arts & Culture may 23, 2014

Furniture Line Coated In Salt And Coffee Looks Just Like Crystal Geodes

The designers behind AMMA Studio explain the symbiotic relationship between furniture and sculpture.

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