Rachel Pincus

Rachel Pincus

Manipulate and Tug On a 3D Interactive Display With Your Hands

Deskwares Churned Out On Your Home 3D Printer for Cheap

Making the Public Bench in Times Square Serve More Than Tourists

Erase Tourists From Your Travel Photos

Paint Tubes Stripped of Color Names Help Kids Learn the Rainbow

Dark History on Roosevelt Island Inspires Technicolor Pool

Stone Slab Tables Provide Opposition to IKEA Philosophy

Tired of Screens? Adopt a Connected Strap for Your Dumb Watch

3D-Printed Outfits Responds to the Male (or Female) Gaze

Charge Your Phone Like You’re Kindling a Fire

Projection-Mapped Sculptures Blink and Breathe

3D Print a Midcentury TV Yourself

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