Rob Fields, Theory + Impact

Rob Fields, Theory + Impact

Rob Fields is a curator and marketer who is interested in the intersection of marketing, business, and popular culture, particularly the ways that companies can better leverage culture to build their brands. He is currently Marketing Director, CMO Initiatives at the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

Op-Ed december 16, 2015

Q&A: Fusion's Latoya Peterson on the Girl Gamers Web Series

Award-winning marketer and strategist Rob Fields interviews Latoya Peterson as she uncovers the nuances behind female theorists, creators, and players

Op-Ed april 1, 2015

Rob Fields: Cultural Trends Powering the Winter of Canada Goose

Award-winning marketer and strategist explores the cultural forces behind Canada Goose's success, including rapper Drake

Work august 6, 2014

Three Lessons from Toyota's 'Swagger Wagon 2'

Yes, hip hop is global, but using it still requires understanding cultural nuance

Mobile august 18, 2013

Rob Fields: 6 Lessons From Samsung's Jay Z Partnership

Can a brand, even one with billions in its marketing budget, afford to only do "statement" marketing with its most visible partner?

Home april 11, 2013

Rob Fields: What Two Guys Learned About The Importance Of Feminine Values

John Gerzema and Michael D'Antonio on why we all need to upgrade to the "operating system of 21st century progress."

Design & Architecture march 17, 2013

Rob Fields: How Brands Can Provide Cultural Leadership

How can companies move beyond purpose to guidance?

Advertising march 3, 2013

Rob Fields: 6 Keys To Waging The War Of Ideas

Why it is important to separate your company from the pack by evangelizing the ideas that drive its mission.


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