Robyn Hightower

Robyn Hightower

Technology december 2, 2012

How Startups Are Taking Over From Brands In The Fashion Space

PSFK talks with Laura Zapata, founder of The Future of Fashion event series, about emerging retail technology trends.

Work november 30, 2012

Control Pet Toys Live And Real-Time From Your Desk

Website allows people to play with cats using their computers.

Travel november 29, 2012

Create Travel Guide From Friends’ Facebook Photos And Comments

Pulling data from users' social network, the Roam7 app makes an interactive album to give users more detailed information on various locations.

Design & Architecture november 26, 2012

Mythical Creatures Star In Travel Posters For Their Various Homelands

Art inspired by classic travel posters features legendary critters instead of geographical landmarks.

Design & Architecture november 20, 2012

Talking Street Signs Help Tourists Pronounce Danish Street Names

Design students created karaoke-style electronic signs to teach visitors the pronunciation of Copenhagen roads.

Innovation november 19, 2012

Smart Textbooks Tell Teachers If Students Have Done Their Homework

CourseSmart allows professors to monitor reading patterns.


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