Ross Brooks

Ross Brooks

Ross specializes in topics about the environment, architecture, art, design, and creative tech. He is passionate about making a difference with his writing, whether that’s to encourage social change, promote a great idea, or just share a little bit of beauty with the world.

Work january 21, 2015

Delivery Service Aims to End Missed Packages After Hours

$5 guaranteed evening delivery for New Yorkers or it's free

Technology january 13, 2015

Robot Draws Massive Disney Characters Across The Beach

Beachbot recreates Finding Nemo and other charming characters as it scuttles across the sand

Gaming & Play january 8, 2015

Physical Video Games Let You Make One Move A Day

Designer challenges people's obsession with instant gratification

Luxury december 31, 2014

Best of 2014: Concrete 3D Printer Can Build Homes In Less Than One Day

Contour Crafting could replace human construction workers with giant robots

Work december 29, 2014

Best of 2014: Regenerative Candle Forms New Ones As It Melts

Benjamin Shine creates an old-school light source that can rise from its own ashes

Design & Architecture december 22, 2014

Tear Drop Chair Visualizes Emotional Life Events

Product Design Center's 64 liters of "tears" remind us that there is no happiness without sadness

Travel december 19, 2014

What’s It Like App Suggests Trips Based On Time Of Year

Unforgettable experiences are based on when, not where you go travelling

Cities december 18, 2014

Social Response To Pop-Up Sidewalk Photo Opps

People race against the clock to experience amazing urban set designs

Arts & Culture december 18, 2014

Designs For Longterm Cannabis Storage Emerge Following Marijuana Legalization

Finely crafted sustainable wooden boxes perfect for weed connoisseurs

Technology december 18, 2014

Gamification Lets People See Exactly Where Their Charitable Donations Go

Makerble encourages millennials to only support the causes in which they believe

Home december 16, 2014

Lighting Inspired By Space And Physics

Unique homeware designs based on asteroid craters and 1960s NASA

Retail december 16, 2014

Audio Specialist Launches Pop Up Store With Free-For-All DJ Booth

Interactive installations and cutting-edge technology by Sennheiser

Travel december 15, 2014

Startup Is Capitalizing On The Unused Space In Your Suitcase

Connect with strangers to ship your goods all over the world

Design & Architecture december 15, 2014

Finally, a Suitcase That Holds Everything -- even the Kitchen Sink

Italian designers poke fun at vain travelers who pack too much with a portable washbasin styled as a suitcase


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