Ruby Pseudo

Ruby Pseudo

Ruby Pseudo is a regular contributor to PSFK.

Syndicated november 1, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Jody McIntyre's Bars For Change

An online music video series from the UK asks tackles police brutality and extremist groups.

Sustainability september 21, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: A 19 Year Old On Conspicuous Consumption

A millenial's thought's on the culture of consuming luxury products propagated by certain musical artists.

Home july 13, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Baking Up A Storm Of Cake

When blogger and consultant Ruby Pseudo noticed a lot of baking events popping up, she interviewed a few participating young women to see where the sudden passion for baking was coming from.

Retail june 29, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Nike 1948 Store Relaunch

Blogger and consultant, Ruby Pseudo, discusses how Nike's relaunched store invites locals to interact and just hang out.

Work june 16, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Lucy Pearson On Make-Up As Art

Ruby of Ruby Pseudo interviews Lucy Pearson on the world of make-up.

Cities june 8, 2011
Advertising june 7, 2011

Ruby Pseudo: Hungry? BBM for Food!

Blogger and consultant, Ruby Pseudo, shares a great story about a new start-up out of London, UK.

Technology may 24, 2011

Young Writers Publish Online Novels Using Facebook Notes And Text Messaging

Whilst traditional press circulation dwindles, it only makes sense that young people are finding new innovative ways to create and share stories.

Technology may 23, 2011

Oki-Ni: Fully Shoppable Video

The Game is a "fully-shoppable" fashion short allowing the viewer to click on models and clothing, profile the garms and then click to buy.

Innovation december 16, 2010

Youth Clubs and Table Tennis Don't Work With Guns and Knives

The Unity program is succeeding in easing youth gang violence through sports.

Work august 6, 2010

Ruby Pseudo: On Yer Bike

Overnight, London has filled up with racks of bicycles in hot spots around the English capital.

Mobile july 23, 2010

Conspiracy For Good: A Society Of Artists, Thinkers, Creative’s And Doers, Conspiring To Do Good In The World

The first alternate reality game played out on a large scale, where the participants affect meaningful real life change via a range of benevolent and charitable organizations.

Technology september 8, 2009

Robot Lands in UK Parliament

A hacked Industrial robot writes out real time messages for UK politicians.

Innovation july 29, 2009

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