Ryan Gerhardt

Ryan Gerhardt

I'm a freelance writer from rural Upstate New York. Having spent most of my life on a farm, I've earned a few of scars and a lot of perspective. I'm interested in traveling the world and experiencing new things since I always need new writing material.

Technology november 24, 2014

One-Click Camera Provides 360-Degree Pictures and Videos

The ibi offers easy-to-take panoramic views that capture your surroundings like never before

Arts & Culture november 6, 2014

Crowdfunded Deck of Cards Combats Writer’s Block

The ‘Writer Emergency Pack’ provides useful ideas and plot directions to help spark writers’ imaginations

Cities october 30, 2014

Project Helps Disabled Individuals Create Paintings with Their Brain

The Mind Art Project combines art and science to help raise awareness and support for the handicapped population

Technology october 29, 2014

Ghostly Iceberg Photo Shoot Hypes New Leica Camera

Ahead of the release for Moncler’s custom Leica X camera, Fabien Baron captured the monstrous icebergs of Greenland

Work october 24, 2014

NFL Players Campaign Against Domestic Violence in New PSAs

In an extension of the ‘No More’ movement, over two dozen NFL players participated in ads speaking out against domestic and sexual assault

Work october 23, 2014

NBA’s Golden State Warriors Accomplish Herculean Feats in TV Ads

With help from local agency MUH-TAY-ZIK HOF-FER, the team entices ticket purchase by promising amazing tall tales

Design & Architecture october 22, 2014

Classic Rubber Bands Redesigned as Cubes

Design firm Nendo transforms the everyday office supply with a geometric shape that improves versatility and style

Design & Architecture october 16, 2014

Norwegian Currency Redesign Inspires U.S. Concepts

In light of new designs being announced for the kroner, an anonymous Reddit user mocked up beautiful new designs for the dollar

Sustainability october 9, 2014

Volkswagen Rabbit GTI Upcycled into a BBQ Grill

An Imgur user left no part to waste in turning an old car frame into a stylish and fun charcoal-using device

Advertising october 6, 2014

Internet Challenges James Harden to a Game of H-O-R-S-E

The old school basketball game gets a modern twist with help from Foot Locker and the NBA superstar

Mobile october 6, 2014

London’s Iconic Red Phone Booths Turned into Green Charging Stations

A number of the famous booths are being transformed into free solar-powered mobile chargers

Advertising october 3, 2014

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Logos Redesigned for Breast Cancer Awareness

DDB Singapore tweaked popular social media icons for the month of October to encourage self-examinations

Luxury september 29, 2014

German Running Machine Provides Alternative to Bicycles

FLIZ is an urban mobility unit built to make getting around on foot quicker and easier

Sustainability september 24, 2014

Worn-Out Books Given Second Life as Plant Boxes

Growingbooks upcycles old tomes that would otherwise become trash into DIY-succulent planters


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