Ryan Gerhardt

Ryan Gerhardt

I'm a freelance writer from rural Upstate New York. Having spent most of my life on a farm, I've earned a few of scars and a lot of perspective. I'm interested in traveling the world and experiencing new things since I always need new writing material.

Work september 22, 2014

White House, Celebrities Collaborate on Anti-Sexual Assault Campaign

The 'It’s On Us' campaign raises awareness to help prevent sexual violence on college campuses

Work september 15, 2014

Tokyo Restaurant Entices with Year-Long Unlimited Beer Pass

Brasserie Beer Boulevard will sell One-Year Passports granting consumers endless Asahi

Design & Architecture september 15, 2014

3D-Printed Arms Turn Kids into Superheroes

Charity organization E-Nabling The Future helps 3D print prosthetics for children in need

Luxury september 11, 2014

Documentary Aims to Shed Light on LEGO Filmmakers

“Bricks in Motion” will showcase the diverse world of the toy giant's stop-motion animation across North America

Travel september 10, 2014

Nike Concept Jet Provides Maximum Comfort for Athletes

Performance-driven designs look to afford traveling sports teams a greater edge

Cities september 3, 2014

Perfect Virtual High Five Wins Free Trip to Amsterdam

New & Old Amsterdamers slap hands for KLM trips around the world

Home september 3, 2014

Explore Space Settlements with Google Street View

The video game Destiny will provide an immersive look at in-game locations with familiar Google tools

Innovation march 17, 2014

Mockumentary Tracks The Oreo Cookie Production Process In Reverse [Video]

How It’s Unmade turns the well-known TV show on its head to disassemble sandwich cookies with a comedic narration.

Gaming & Play march 11, 2014

PSA Brings Syria’s Civil War To London [Video]

A new ad hopes to draw greater attention to this global crisis by imagining what it would be like if this event was taking place in the UK.

Technology march 7, 2014

High School Student’s Google Chrome Extension Aids Color Blind Users

ReColor will automatically adjust digital content colors to make viewing more accessible.

Innovation march 6, 2014

Lifesaver iPhone Case Alerts Emergency Services At The Press Of A Button [Video]

A new smartphone accessory allows users to safely and quickly contact help in dangerous situations.

Design & Architecture march 6, 2014

Inflatable Shelters Capture Building Heat To Keep The Homeless Warm [Pics]

The paraSITE collects excess HVAC air to provide a heated shelter from dangerous cold weather.

Arts & Culture march 5, 2014

Dave Matthews Band Poster Folds Into Tour Van [Pics]

A band-sponsored contest for new merchandise designs returned a one-of-a-kind 3D caravan.

Travel march 4, 2014

Touchscreen Service Helps Select Most Efficient Urban Travel Options

TransitScreen sends local mass transit options to devices in real-time to help choose the best way to get to your destination.


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