Sam McNerney

Sam McNerney

Sam McNerney graduated from Hamilton College where he earned a bachelors in Philosophy last May. However, after reading too much Descartes and Nietzsche, he realized that his true passion is reading and writing about the psychology of judgment and decision making. His blog, tries to figure out what makes humans tick. He spends his free time listening to Gaga​ and tweeting @WhyWeReason.

Technology march 10, 2012

Do We Take Interaction Design For Granted?

In the series on interaction design we see a cross section of the way that interaction design manifests itself in daily life.

Technology march 10, 2012

What Is The True Definition Of Interaction Design? [Video]

In a series on interaction design, jurors from the Interaction Awards 2012 discuss the crucial elements that make up a smooth interface.

Advertising march 10, 2012

What Is The Future Of Digital Interaction?

PSFK is featuring a series of videos about innovative interaction design. What should it aspire to as a field? And what is its ultimate goal?

Cities march 10, 2012

What Is The Secret To Seamless Interaction Design?

PSFK is featuring a series of videos about innovative interaction design: what can it achieve in the present and what could potential future uses be.

Technology march 9, 2012

What Are The Best Examples Of Interaction Design? [Video]

In a series about interaction design, jurors from the Interaction Awards give the rationale behind their choices for winning picks.

IoT february 23, 2012

Will Connected Cars Catch On? [Headlines]

The future of automation might include wireless cooperation between vehicles.

Retail february 23, 2012

As Digital Song Sales Leap, No One Is Buying Music Mags [Headlines]

Traditional media is suffering as consumers continue to purchase more and more mp3s.

Innovation february 23, 2012

Strategies Of Climate Deniers Exposed In Leaked Documents [Headlines]

Peter Gleick releases many documents that illuminate the Heartland Institute's unscientific stance on global warming.

Arts & Culture february 23, 2012

10 Best Creative Pinterest Board Hacks [Headlines]

The increasingly popular photo-sharing website gets the DIY treatment.

Mobile february 23, 2012

Android OS Could Soon Appear In Your Watch Or Mirror [Headlines]

The use of popular operating system is becoming more widespread.

Technology february 23, 2012

Google's AR Glasses Will Go On Sale In 2012 [Headlines]

Popular search engine rumored to launched augmented reality device by the end of the year.

Advertising february 23, 2012

Non-Sponsor Nike Is The Brand Most Associated With Olympics [Headlines]

World famous sportswear company is closely tied with international sport competition even without direct affiliation.

Retail february 22, 2012

Why Are Brands Shutting Their Facebook Stores? [Headlines]

Businesses are no longer using the world's most popular social network to sell their products.

Design & Architecture february 22, 2012

Is There A Backlash Against Starchitect Frank Gehry? [Headlines]

Famed building designer might be facing an inevitable adverse reaction from people for being too famous.


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