Sam McNerney

Sam McNerney

Sam McNerney graduated from Hamilton College where he earned a bachelors in Philosophy last May. However, after reading too much Descartes and Nietzsche, he realized that his true passion is reading and writing about the psychology of judgment and decision making. His blog, tries to figure out what makes humans tick. He spends his free time listening to Gaga​ and tweeting @WhyWeReason.

Work february 22, 2012

Digitally Destructive Grenade Steals And Broadcasts Your Information

Julian Oliver has created an easy to use physical data mine that demonstrates how easy it is to monitor and share 'private' online interactions.

Advertising february 22, 2012

Nike Debuts Its Lightest And Most Sustainable Shoe On Record

Major sportswear supplier is launching a new line of running equipment this summer, just in time for the London 2012 Olympics.

Technology february 22, 2012

YouTube Is Asking Hollywood To Help It Create Original Content [Headlines]

Popular video sharing website is investing money to create 25 hours of new programming a day.

Innovation february 22, 2012

10 Ideas Festivals [Headlines]

A list of alternatives to the pricey TED Global lecture series.

Technology february 22, 2012

Google Quietly Launches Foursquare Competitor App [Headlines]

World's largest search engine introduces a Leaderboard-style, location-based service for Latitude that combines it with Google+.

Innovation february 22, 2012

Inside The Apple Factory: ABC Broadcasts Pictures From Foxconn [Headlines]

Bill Weir of Nightline takes an in-depth look at the working condition of factories in southern China to see how iPads are produced.

Work february 22, 2012

Bitly Uses Math Meant For Smart Weapons In Their Algorithm [Headlines]

Popular URL shortening website is trying to understand how internet behaviors are formed using old military technology.

Sustainability february 21, 2012

MIT Scientists Make Solar Panels From Grass Clippings [Headlines]

Researchers from Boston-based University create promising new green energy technology.

Technology february 21, 2012

Apple's To Create A Consistent Interface Across Its Devices [Headlines]

American computer company will aim to offer the same user experience no matter what product you are using.

Mobile february 20, 2012

PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we've learned about this past week.

Retail february 17, 2012

Craigslist Regions Map Out A Different United States [Headlines]

Image reveals how popular classifieds website locates and connects users.

Retail february 17, 2012

New Platform Applies Pinterest Aesthetics To Amazon

BookFlavor takes the online marketplace's bestseller data and recommendations and formats it in a clean-looking, easy to use interface.

Advertising february 17, 2012

Marketing Agency Rebrands Itself After Rising Knick's Star Jeremy Lin [Headlines]

Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions has changed its name to play off of Jeremy "Lin-sanity"

Advertising february 17, 2012

Consumers Want To Own Less And Gain More [Headlines]

New research suggests that buyers prefer quality over quantity.


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