Sandra Pfeifer

Sandra Pfeifer

Innovation december 15, 2010

Kaylene Kau’s Assistive Appendage

An unusual prototype for a prosthetic arm acts as a device to help the good limb.

Mobile december 8, 2010

Sphero: Smartphone As Remote

A new app by Orbotix aims to make the smartphone a universal control device for a number of physical objects.

Work december 8, 2010

Universal Studios Goes Green With New Virtual Production Stage

Virtual Stage 1 offers a glimpse of film's increasingly computer-generated future.

Design & Architecture december 8, 2010

Massive Bamboo Dome Created Using Traditional Vietnamese Weaving

Architect Vo Trong Nghia created a 30 feet tall structure without the use of nails

Work december 3, 2010

3D Thread Art (Pics)

Mexican artist Gabriel Dawe crafts large-scale installations that deal with notions of social constructions and their relation to evolutionary theory and the self-organizing force of nature.

IoT november 19, 2010

The Freerider Skatecycle

The unique vehicle has been awarded the Bronze at the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards.

Retail november 18, 2010

Barcoding All Life On Earth

The International Barcode of Life Project is a growing library of plant and animal DNA samples that will help identify new species, and protect current ones.

Arts & Culture november 16, 2010

Food Fashion: Exploring The Relationship Between People And What They Eat (Pics)

Photographer Ted Sabarese explores our desires through complex costumes made of real food.

Mobile november 16, 2010

Nielsen Study Shows Online Viewers Still Like Regular TV

New research reveals that Internet TV viewers are just as, or more likely to watch regularly scheduled programming.

Luxury november 16, 2010

Prosthetic Fin Could Help Amputees Swim Again

Swedish design student Richard Stark has come up with an elegant, water-friendly prosthetic prototype.

Arts & Culture november 15, 2010

Human-Like Robot Actor Performs In Play (Video)

The Geminoid F performed in the Japanese play "Sayonara" alongside a human actor.

Retail november 12, 2010

Time/Bank Lets You Trade Time for Goods

A new artist-run space creates a money-free market for trading things and skills.

Sustainability november 11, 2010

The World’s Smallest Solar Powered Cinema

This tiny movie theatre can fit eight audience members and is 100% sun powered.

Technology november 10, 2010

Digital Memorials: RFID Rosetta Stone & The E-Tomb

Two products offer ways to communicate the digital history of the deceased.


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