Scott Mioduszewski

Scott Mioduszewski

Scott is a researcher, designer, and digital media storyteller. His interests are capturing and understanding the relationships and experiences people have using products and services.

Technology march 10, 2011

Chartwell Brings DataViz To Fonts

A new typeface makes it easy to create data visualizations.

Mobile march 7, 2011

SnapTax App Lets Users File Taxes From Smartphone

Managing finances and purchases on smartphones has been a relatively minor affair. Sure you can track your bank account, buy a $1 app, or even split a bill with friends at dinner. But usually anything having more complex processes (or consequences) was saved for the desktop.

Home march 3, 2011

The Bro Food Movement

YouTube is becoming home to some of the more excessive food shows, but they're getting a lot of views.

Work march 2, 2011

The End Of Throwaway Fashion

Many factors are contributing to hard times in the denim industry. These factors may encroach on the entire fashion world.

Work february 25, 2011

Desktime App Connects Workers With Workspaces

As work culture shifts to always on, always mobile, the spaces people work at are changing to match. From freelancers to full time employees not required to work at the office, workers are looking for places to get things done.

Retail february 24, 2011

Exploring The Future Of Dining: Next Restaurant Practice Run [Video]

The unusual new restaurant from the people behind Alinea is set to open.

Advertising february 24, 2011

What's The Future Of Interactive TV?

Will the future of television be an all-in-one device, or a seamless integration of separate systems?

Technology february 23, 2011

Cloud Computing And The Future Of Interaction Design

Having access to data any time or place has great advantages. Now designers must figure out how to make this a pleasant reality.

Cities february 18, 2011

Stored-Value Card Displays Remaining Balance

Urbanscale has developed an enhanced stored-value card that aims to reduce frustration among mass transit commuters.

Arts & Culture february 18, 2011

Health Indicators Warehouse Opens Government Data To The Public

The Department of Health and Human Services is providing data they hope will be used to create applications and services that promote better health.

Mobile february 17, 2011

Mobile Baristas In Lebanon

While cities across the US embrace and demand food trucks, frog design's Executive Creative Director of Global Insights Jan Chipchase takes note of the mobile baristas in Beirut.

Technology february 17, 2011

Microsoft App Connects Windows Phone 7 To Macs

Windows Mobile users can now sync with Macs without third party software.

Luxury february 16, 2011

Chicago Transit Authority Releases Train Tracker Beta

Commuters of Chicago public transit trains can now stay informed of when the next train will arrive.

Retail february 16, 2011

Covert Advertising Through Amazon Reviews

Are similar products being reviewed by advertisers to promote brands?


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