Sean Leow

Sean Leow

Work april 12, 2010

'Hermit Mountains' - Skyscrapers Designed to Blend Into China's Natural Landscape

Aiming to blend into the mountainous landscape of Western China, architects Hongjun Zhou and Lu Xiong have proposed a skyscraper design named "hermit mountains."

Work march 8, 2010

Songzhuang Artist Village

Built on a former industrial outdoor storage lot, the Songzhuang Artist Village is a 20 unit structure built to the working and living demands of China's growing artist community.

Arts & Culture february 1, 2010

Chocolate Theme Park Opens in Beijing

Citing a desire to raise the profile of a previously unpopular food, organizers in China recently launched the first ever chocolate theme park in Beijing's Olympic Stadium.

Cities december 30, 2009

World's Largest Solar Energy Building Opened in China

Located in China's northeastern province of Shandong, the world's largest solar energy building opened in November, 2009.

Innovation december 2, 2009

Social Networking Employees Play Games For An Hourly Fee In China

To keep up with all the time required to stay ahead of competitors online, the "social networking hourly employee" has emerged as a new job vocation in China.

Design & Architecture november 2, 2009
Technology october 19, 2009

Happy Farm Online Game Spawns Real-Life Farming in China

The Happy Farm game on Chinese social networking sites is one of the most popular and particularly among white-collar workers. Some Happy Farm enthusiasts enjoy virtual farming so much that they have decided to try out the real thing. One Shanghai farm is planning to jump on the trend and put up 100 cabins for city farmers to use during extended holidays.

Technology october 12, 2009

Making it Fun to Take the Stairs Instead of the Escalator

"Can we get more people to choose the stairs by making it fun to do?" This is the question posed by a group in Stockholm, Sweden who converted the stairs of a subway exit into a giant piano.

Design & Architecture october 7, 2009

Reusing Plastic Containers for Productive Purposes in Africa

DIY inventors in Africa have developed innovative solutions to practical problems with old plastic containers.

Sustainability october 5, 2009

Beijing's "Linked Hybrid" Development Using Geo-Thermal for Heating & Cooling

Located near the former city wall of Beijing, Steven Holl's "Linked Hybrid" complex is completely self-contained, and features one of the largest geothermal heating and cooling systems in the world.

Advertising september 25, 2009

Adujstable Focus Lenses Provides Low-Cost, Low-Tech Solution in Developing Countries

Adlens adjustable-focus glasses change prescription with the turn of a dial.

Retail september 17, 2009

Pic: Coqui, Knock-off Chinese Crocs

Walking through the Shanghai subway recently, we noticed a rack of "Coqui" (小青蛙) shoes which looked incredibly similar to Crocs, which have been popular in Shanghai for the past few years.

Work september 15, 2009

Wearable Solar Panel Vest For Outdoor Workers

Anyone working long hours outdoors knows the burden that a glaring sun can take on the body. In Africa, Dominic Wanjihia has proposed a flexible, wearable solar panel vest to harness this energy for productive purposes.

Work september 4, 2009

Xindanwei: Shanghai Shared Workspace

We've been following the shared workspace trend globally for a few years now and have been noticing a uptick in the number of co-working spaces in China lately. We've been particularly impressed by the efforts of the newly-opened Xindanwei (新单位) in downtown Shanghai, who joins a few other shared workspaces sprinkled throughout the city.


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