Sean Leow

Sean Leow

‘Hermit Mountains’ – Skyscrapers Designed to Blend Into China’s Natural Landscape

Songzhuang Artist Village

Chocolate Theme Park Opens in Beijing

World’s Largest Solar Energy Building Opened in China

Social Networking Employees Play Games For An Hourly Fee In China

Happy Farm Online Game Spawns Real-Life Farming in China

Making it Fun to Take the Stairs Instead of the Escalator

Reusing Plastic Containers for Productive Purposes in Africa

Beijing’s “Linked Hybrid” Development Using Geo-Thermal for Heating & Cooling

Adujstable Focus Lenses Provides Low-Cost, Low-Tech Solution in Developing Countries

Pic: Coqui, Knock-off Chinese Crocs

Wearable Solar Panel Vest For Outdoor Workers

Xindanwei: Shanghai Shared Workspace

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