Serena Chu

Serena Chu

Serena is a freelance writer from California with a desire to see the world from a different perspective.

Advertising december 31, 2014
Arts & Culture march 10, 2014

Vending Machine Dispenses DNA Samples Like Candy [Video]

Artist launches an awareness campaign in the name of identity ownership.

Technology march 10, 2014

First Person Shooter Game Teaches Programming, Not Violence [Video]

Glitchspace sets up in-game challenges that can only be solved by programmers.

Work march 7, 2014

Refinancing Market Minimizes The Damage Of Student Loans

Credible simplifies student loan refinancing by offering a marketplace business model.

Home march 7, 2014

Giant Hamster Wheel Doubles As A Two Bedroom Apartment [Video]

Architectural performance explores how humans interact with their environment.

Technology march 7, 2014

Google Helps Teachers Create Interactive Learning Quizzes [Video]

Oppia is an open source platform that offers an interactive learning experience.

Cities march 7, 2014

Subway Map Simulator Lets People Play Urban Planner [Video]

Players are challenged to create their own virtual public transportation system for fun.

march 6, 2014

Collar Creates Social Timelines Out Of Canine Activity

A Facebook-like newsfeed designed specially for canines and their daily activities.

Sustainability march 6, 2014

3D-Printed Tiles Give Artistic Form To Environmental Data

FABMOB monitors atmospheric data and provides a tangible representation of it.

Luxury march 6, 2014

Japan’s Bullet Train Now Offers Spa Amenities

The Yamagata Shinkansen Line will now offer foot baths and a bar car.

IoT march 6, 2014

Moss-Powered Radio Uses Plants Like Solar Panels [Pics]

Researchers converted charged electrons into electricity to power gadgets.

Technology march 6, 2014

Genetic Test Will Provide Big Data To Solve Scientific Quandaries

A bioinformatics company offers affordable genetic clinical tests for planned pregnancies.

Sustainability march 5, 2014

SXSW App Points The Way To Austin’s Least Crowded Locales

Avoid Humans shows what anti-social media can look like in the real world.

Technology march 5, 2014

Tweezer Laser Beams Can Move Particles Without Damaging Them

Researchers developed optical nanotweezers that can transport particles in multi-parameter spaces.


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