Serena Chu

Serena Chu

Serena is a freelance writer from California with a desire to see the world from a different perspective.

Best of 2014: Sushi Restaurant Embraces Drug Legalization With Cannabis Pairing Menu

Vending Machine Dispenses DNA Samples Like Candy [Video]

First Person Shooter Game Teaches Programming, Not Violence [Video]

Refinancing Market Minimizes The Damage Of Student Loans

Giant Hamster Wheel Doubles As A Two Bedroom Apartment [Video]

Google Helps Teachers Create Interactive Learning Quizzes [Video]

Subway Map Simulator Lets People Play Urban Planner [Video]

Collar Creates Social Timelines Out Of Canine Activity

  • 6 march 2014

3D-Printed Tiles Give Artistic Form To Environmental Data

Japan’s Bullet Train Now Offers Spa Amenities

Moss-Powered Radio Uses Plants Like Solar Panels [Pics]

Genetic Test Will Provide Big Data To Solve Scientific Quandaries

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