Serena Chu

Serena Chu

Serena is a freelance writer from California with a desire to see the world from a different perspective.

Technology march 5, 2014

Sweden Launches Open Creative Call For Its Gamer Citizens

Developers are invited to voice their ideas about what will be the next best-selling game.

Luxury march 5, 2014

Porsche Asks Car Lovers To Swap Their Jalopis For A Mysterious New Model [Video]

The auto company tempts car owners to trade their set of keys for a brand new, unreleased luxury model.

Work march 5, 2014

Kenneth Cole Taps Google Glass For Latest Cologne Campaign

A demonstration of how wearable technology can help establish a stronger brand message.

Innovation march 5, 2014

Video Messaging App Adds A Personal Touch To Texting [Video]

Chatwala records facial reactions upon opening a message.

Work march 4, 2014

Twitter Installs 19th Century Log Cabins In New Headquarters [Pics]

Twitter's new cafeteria lends intimacy to an impersonal space.

Luxury march 4, 2014

Self-Learning System Helps Tesla Drivers Cut Their Electric Bills [Video]

Smartcar is an intelligent system that makes adjustments based on learned driving habits.

Innovation march 4, 2014

Image Search Engine Will Find Coveted Fashion Items Online

Image-recognition app helps people spot fashion trends and find similar items more easily.

Cities march 4, 2014

Wearable Computer Utilizes Ear Movements For Control [Video]

Japanese researcher develops a Google Glass for your ears.

Innovation march 3, 2014

Responsive Clothing Adapts To Outdoor Temperatures For Optimal Comfort [Video]

Thermoregulation properties of wool have been adapted to mimic the pores of biological skin.

Home march 3, 2014

On-Call Stylists Provide Hair Blowouts At Home

Glamsquad sends professional stylists to provide on-demand beauty service to people of NYC.

Innovation march 3, 2014

Toilet Sharing Service Creates Public Restrooms In People’s Homes

AirPnP connects people to owners of bathrooms looking to make some money.

Mobile march 3, 2014

Hanging Mobile Bookshelf Takes Design Cues From Calder [Pics]

A modern bookshelf that doubles as a piece of art.

Technology march 3, 2014

Magazine Includes Parts To Build A Working Robot Each Week

Readers can assemble their own miniature robots with parts included in their weekly subscription.

Innovation february 28, 2014

Could These Giant Walls Stop Tornadoes In Their Tracks?

Physicist's Rongjia Tao has put forward a proposal that could stop wide-spread damage from natural disasters.


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