Serena Chu

Serena Chu

Serena is a freelance writer from California with a desire to see the world from a different perspective.

Design february 28, 2014

Louis Vuitton Designs Luggage To Fit Perfectly Inside A BMW Hybrid [Pics]

The French fashion house's sleek luggage set is tailored with carbon fiber materials.

Technology february 28, 2014

Japanese Lantern Robots Let Gardeners Work At Night [Video]

One artists envisions a future where outdoor area can function 24/7.

Culture february 28, 2014

Running Jacket Lights Up To Provide Real-Time Exercise Feedback [Video]

Smart fitness jacket helps runner stay at pace with their workout.

Gaming february 28, 2014

Code.Org Turns Flappy Bird’s Demise Into A Lesson In Programming

The programing site celebrates its one year anniversary by teaching people how to create the now defunct entertainment.

Advertising february 28, 2014

Augmented Reality App Recognizes Brands Using Google Glass

Blippar's new feature brings product interaction to the wearable computing device.

Home february 28, 2014

Washing Machine Orders Detergent When It’s Running Low [Pics]

Just one example of how Berg aims to create a connected home.

Culture february 27, 2014

Fungi Lamps Produce Mushrooms Good Enough To Eat [Pics]

The MYX lamp shade is actually an intricate matrix of mycelium roots.

Innovation february 27, 2014

App Automatically Sends Love Notes To Girlfriends

Android app gives boyfriends a breather and some personal time.

Mobile february 27, 2014

Solar-Harvesting Watch Charges Mobile Devices On The Go

People will no longer need to be saddled with bulky, heavy chargers.

Culture february 27, 2014

Startup Lets You Shadow Any Professional For A Day

Lifetramp wants people to get out of their comfort zone and take on a new lifestyle for 24 hours.

Design february 27, 2014

Disabled People Can Now Use Google Glass Hands-Free [Video]

Google Glass app gives users hands-free and voice-free system controls.

Culture february 26, 2014

Motion-Sensing Light Adjusts To Human Activity [Video]

Thibaut Sld's interactive pendant lamp presents dynamic patterns in response to nearby movement.

Technology february 26, 2014

Authors Create Poems Out Of Popular Porn Search Terms

PornMD sets up a never-ending list of live porn searches that have been immortalized as poetry by Animal New York.

Advertising february 26, 2014

Facebook Opens Massive New York Office To Recruit East Coast Talent

The social network site has moved into NYC's "Silicon Alley" for the long haul.


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