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Travel may 31, 2016

Google And TripAdvisor Curate City-Themed Travel Playlists

The travel recommendation aggregator is working to extend its offerings for listening and sharing

Travel may 19, 2016

JetBlue's Recent Outdoor Campaign Inspires Wanderlust

A billboard combines live traffic data and flights to alert onlookers of ETA

Advertising may 16, 2016

Snapchat Geofilters Used To Poach Talented Workers

Advertising agency gets creative in this job recruitment stunt

Technology april 14, 2016

College Hunting App Helps Students Find And Choose A Campus

Platform for continuing ed uses data to power metrics around graduation, salary and careers

Mobile june 19, 2015

Uber's Mobile Game Presents a Unique Model for Hiring

Are mobile games powerful enough to replace company recruitment? Uber gives the tactic a test drive

Technology june 11, 2015

Wristband Will Let Daddies-To-Be ‘Feel’ Baby's Kicking

BabyBuzz sends vibrations between expecting parents so they can share intimate moments remotely

Sustainability june 11, 2015

Grip, Pop and Drink with This Revamped Paper Cup

Kiss your coffee sleeves goodbye thanks to intuitive Grip Cup

Arts & Culture june 9, 2015

Apple Watch Charging Stations Crafted From LEGOs

Toy designers make cheap and quirky stands for the Apple wrist accessory

Work may 13, 2015

Cause Waves at Work with Waterproof Wet-Suits

Quiksilver Japan designs a suit for men who surf more than just the Web

Retail may 4, 2015

Runnable Shopping Center Features 300 Meter Running Track

Who needs a gym membership when you can run for free on top of Morinomiya Q's Mall?

Design & Architecture may 1, 2015

Camouflage Officewear Made from Everyday Stains

Dirt Pattern Material turns bike chain grease and mustard leaks into wearable art

Arts & Culture april 30, 2015

Magazine Prints Issue Using HIV+ Blood

Vangardist collaborates with Saatchi and Saatchi to re-spark a public health dialogue about the virus

Sustainability april 30, 2015

Reimagining the Food Label Using Tech and Beautiful Design

Sage offers creative visualization of food data to drive healthier understanding of groceries

Work april 29, 2015

Play Senator for a Day in an Interactive Cultural Institute

A dynamic experience in democracy: Edward M. Kennedy immersive museum powers civic education through multimedia and gaming


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