Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher

Sophie Maxwell, Pearlfisher

Op-Ed november 13, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: Ingestible Bio-Bots Design the Healthy Body of the Future

Futures Director at Pearlfisher on how ingestibles, smart pills and broadband-enabled digital tools will give us a clearer picture of our internal health

Luxury september 10, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: Our DNA Will Break Radical Ground for Brands and Beyond

Futures Director at Pearlfisher investigates what the implications of engineering ourselves will be

Technology june 19, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: Designing the Embeddable Future of Our Sensory Potential

Futures Director at Pearlfisher yearns for a future where unobtrusive embeddables respond to our chemical and emotional responses

Arts & Culture april 14, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: A Future Living Will That is Very Much ‘Alive’

Futures Director at Pearlfisher ruminates on Vivo, an algorithmic will that is as ever-changing as our lives

Home march 11, 2015

Sophie Maxwell: How Can We Create a More Personalized Future?

Futures Director at Pearlfisher believes in the future we will want new knowledge, inspiration and possibilities to allow us to be more empowered in shaping the lifestyle we want to lead

Work october 17, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: The Big Switch-Off – Why Brands Need to Create New Ways to Connect

Brands are now supporting our need to schedule time for disconnection-creating space for significant moments, reconnecting us with creative contemplation and ensuring our well-being.

Sustainability june 25, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: 3 Ingredients Brands Need For The Future Of Food

Consumers are increasingly seeking food brands that are tailored to their individual needs.

Cities february 26, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: Future Health – Feeling The Power Of Body And Mind Symbiosis

The next step in the future of health is connecting mental and physical health in order to achieve higher levels of well being.

Advertising january 24, 2014

Sophie Maxwell: What Will The Top Brand Needs Be In 2014

As 2014 begins, brands must identify and anticipate key desires in order to make real, lasting change.

Home august 18, 2013

Sophie Maxwell: Scaling Up Vs Scaling Down

The next challenge for brands is to meet human and consumer needs on both a global and local scale.

Arts & Culture may 26, 2013

Sophie Maxwell: Why People Are Looking For Brands That Will Help Them Thrive

We are looking to optimize our bodies - and for a new generation of high performance business behavior to help us to do so.

Work march 10, 2013

Sophie Maxwell: Has Branding Design Become The New Political Manifesto?

Insight Director at Pearlfisher discusses how more companies are starting to voice their social and political opinions through packaging and image.


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