Stephen Fortune

Stephen Fortune

Stephen is a regular contributor to PSFK. He is also an interactive media practitioner engaged in artistic interventions which investigate and illuminate computational culture. His areas of expertise include open data and physical computing. Find him on Twitter and Google Plus

Technology august 7, 2012

App Shares Data From Phone To Phone With Musical QR Codes is an app that codes data into song and is changing the way we communicate information.

Technology february 13, 2012

Detect Depression With Your Smartphone

A new app takes the quantified self movement a step further, using personal data collected from Wi-fi, Bluetooth and GPS to monitor the user's mood.

Technology february 6, 2012

Control Your Dreams With Your iPhone

Smartphone app augments experiences to influence where your mind goes when you sleep.

Work july 15, 2011

Jawbone's 'Up' Bracelet Helps You Track Your Life

Jawbone brings a slick new interface to the array of quantified-self products with exciting results.

Technology july 13, 2011

Tactile Pixels Send Us Towards Sensual Software Interaction

Haptic interaction with technology could take giant leap forward thanks to Senseg's 'tixels.'

IoT july 13, 2011

Sonic Cradle Lets You Mix Soundscapes With Your Breathing

An interactive media exhibition provides aural immersion and potential therapeutic benefits.

Home july 11, 2011

Visualizing The Profit In Sharing [Infographic]

Understanding how the web enables new consumer patterns has never been easier thanks to Collaborative Consumptions latest infographic.

Work july 8, 2011

LiveAndTell: The Social Network That Preserves Languages

Embedding endangered languages in the fabric of the social web may provide a means to save them from extinction

Gaming & Play july 8, 2011

Hit The High Score Or This Video Game Will Cease To Exist

An unconventional take on traditional game mechanics inverts user expectations to make art out of video game.

Design & Architecture july 8, 2011

Crafting Artwork From Obsolete Media

Analog fetishism provides artistic inspiration for 'live - typed' portraits.

Mobile july 5, 2011

A Map Of America Drawn By Cellphone Connections [Video]

MIT's latest project creates an image of the United States based on how people make contact with one another.

Advertising july 5, 2011

BERG London Brings Content Curation To The Humble Receipt Printer

The design firm creates an old-school interpretation of a modern app.

Design & Architecture june 17, 2011

Haptic Hacking Means There's Life In The Old Mouse Yet [Video]

Old hardware provides insight for new ways for us to get in touch with software.

IoT june 7, 2011

3D-Printed Bikini Is Ready-To-Wear

An iconic piece in a women's wardrobe becomes a transformative milestone in the world of fast-fashion.


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